Oh, hello there. Have you missed me? I missed you.
I don’t know though, you guys, I’ve really enjoyed my summer away from the computer. Not to say I haven’t been online, but I’ve been in more of a journaling than blogging mood. Obviously, I edit and sensor myself here. I needed my stream of consciousness writing the past couple of months and it left nothing in the tank for Affichomanie. I’m feeling ready to get back to it now. So here’s what I’ve been up to lately.

I got a few things checked off that Summer Ten list of mine. Check out my update here.

I turned 26 this summer and actually celebrated the occasion. I realized that I only celebrate my birthday about every 5 years. It’s not intentional…just seems to happen that way. Well, it’s been 5 years and I had the party itch so we hopped on a boat cruise & had dinner at Merriment Social with some of my favorite people. It was incredible amounts of fun.

Bryce and I just had our second anniversary and it was pretty magical. I bought us robes from the Iron Horse Hotel as an anniversary gift to ourselves and it was one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. Then we had dinner at Bacchus and it was incredible. I realize it’s only been two years (8 years together), but to us it feels like marriage is just getting easier. We’ve had a few trials and tribulations since we got married – a couple of job losses, car break-ins, and the raising of a new & crazy puppy, but our relationship has remained good. Really, really good. Let’s hope we continue to feel this way. Oof, I really like that guy.

Our anniversary also (weirdly) marks the occasion of Beatrix now being a year out from her spaying surgery. Remember puppy pajamas?! Holy macaroni, time flies when you’re snuggling a sweet pup. In this year we discovered Beatrix has weird teeth and food allergies like me. I swear if she weren’t a different species I’d believe she’s actually related to me. We also learned she loves sweet potatoes and hates bicycles. She is who she is! As a matter of fact, we have established that Bea’s life motto is, “I do what I want!” (Sometimes with a “mother****ers!” added to the end of it. She’s a pistol.)

I’m still really enjoying my new job. It’s been three months and my conclusions thus far are that I have the greatest boss, my co-workers are hilarious, I enjoy the work that I’m doing, and despite the stress and craziness that happens I still go home feeling pretty good about what I do. I feel valued and I can’t ask for much more than that.

I know I’ve been promising and hinting at new adventures for quite a while and still nothing. But it’s coming. I SWEAR. Just hold tight.

Cheers to the end of an incredible summer!



The Summer Ten


1. Lay on a beach and drink champagne. (AKA Pretend I’m Beyoncé.)

I did lie on a very little beach at a pond and drink sparkling water. Close enough. It turns out I’m not actually Beyoncé. Who knew?

2. Find a batting cage. I can’t even remember the last time I did this, but I think it would be a really fun date.

This did not happen, but we did go on a little Par 3 golfing date. I’m infinitely less terrible at golfing than expected. I’m not saying I’m good…I’m just not terrible. And I really enjoyed it!

3. Eat at as many rooftop/outdoor restaurants as possible.

Yes, eating is never a problem. The past couple of summers have included a near weekly coffee outside at Stone Creek. Otherwise, we’ve been eating out quite a bit less than we have in the past. However, we did dine al fresco at Café Hollander, Wolf Peach, Stack’d, and a few others. What is it about eating outside that feels so wonderful? 

4. Work on developing a hobby. I’m leaning towards drawing right now.

I don’t know. I just…don’t …know. I think my hobby is reading. Can that be a hobby? I believe right now I’m on my 8th or 9th book for the season. I always associate summer with reading. Probably because I grew up with Harry Potter and every summer when the new book came out, I would lock myself in the house and read straight through. Oh, Harry, I miss you. 

5. Bake a few seasonal pies. I’ve already made a blubarb pie (blueberry + rhubarb). Pie dough from scratch is worth the effort.

Yes, some pie happened. I even went to a pie class. Right now, I’m trying to wean myself off of sugar so I made a veggie pot pie with leftover dough from the pie class. That counts, right?
6. Two words: CABIN. WEEKEND.

Cabin vacation with my parents! Mauston, WI is a weird town, my friends. 

7. Find a pool and…swim in it.

Where are the pools? I honestly don’t know.

8. Have a shopping day in Chicago.

Poor. Too poor.

9. Finally get to a Cubs game.

Yes, thank you, new job, for the sweet suite.

10. Get a new car + fix up the Jetta.

This happened, hence the “too poor” from number 8. We are now the proud (embarrassed) owners of two silver Jettas. This was not intentional, but it happened anyway.


Oy. I’ve been writing posts and just not…posting them. Because I’m incredibly lazy. It’s outrageous.

To catch you up, I’m halfway through the third week at my new job. This is what I wrote after the first week:

Time flies when you start a new job. It was a nice first week and I’m feeling good about it. I got a teensy bit emotional on my first day because it really hit me that I’m not going back to my old company and that I won’t get to easily chat with my mom during the day (my mom worked for the same company, in case you didn’t know).

It’s been surprisingly easy to adjust to my new hours too. I am NOT a morning person so I used to mosey into the office around 8:30. Well, in my new job, the day starts at 7:30. I thought that it would kill me, but it’s actually been just fine and I can thank Bryce for a lot of the ease…he’s been completely taking care of Bea in the morning which is quite a relief. And my commute is shorter which makes me much happier than I thought it would.

Every day I get home, take Bea on a little walk and get started on dinner. We are finished eating by 6:30 and I don’t even know what to do with myself. So much time! It’s wonderful. 

Bryce has a few vacation days he has to use by the end of the month so he has every Friday off in June plus a few extra days. Which meant on Friday he was home and bored and watching an Anthony Bourdain marathon. It’s always great when Bryce watches Tony because he gets hungry for delicious food. So, when I arrived home that night, the counter was full of freshly made pasta, a plate of burrata, and a plate of truffles from Indulgence Chocolatiers. World’s greatest husband (and world’s fattest wife)! 

Saturday was the first South Shore Farmer’s Market of the year. We’ve made a vow to go early in the morning this year and we did, but I slightly regret it because the weather was crap and cleared up a couple hours later. That’s okay though because I got lunch with my friend (and former co-worker) Sara at Story Hill BKC afterward which was fun and delicious. Since I had been to the market that morning, I’d already had a morning bun and wasn’t too hungry for lunch. So I ordered the avocado toast which was actually quite large and delicious. Not your run of the mill avocado toast – this was two huge pieces of bread with lentil spread, avocados, cucumbers, radishes, olive oil, salt & pepper served alongside a little arugula salad. Holy yum. Oh, and I had a raspberry Italian soda because why not?! Thanks again for lunch, Sara. I owe you some more Noodles! 

Sunday was GARLIC FEST. You may remember from last year that, in my humble opinion, it is the world’s greatest little festival. I ate some yummy food and drank a few weird little cocktails. We took Beatrix out, but she was a little freaked I think because a giant festival just popped up on her street. She’s fine when we take here somewhere else – like the farmer’s market, for example. But when a giant group of people and tents and music show up on her street…it’s a little freaky. 

Anyway, at Garlic Fest I ate mushroom & garlic arancini from Black Sheep, asparagus, mushrooms & garlic from Blue Jacket (they had gnocchi but ran out very early), a spring roll from Meraki, garlic & chive cheese curds from Clock Shadow Creamery, garlic ice cream from Purple Door (somehow this was really good), and a couple of truffles from Indulgence Chocolatiers. I had sangria from Braise, a dirty hipster from Central Standard, and some kind of dill-ish cocktail from Bittercube. I couldn’t eat much else due to allergies or meat or places just running out of food. That’s okay, I still got my fill and had a good time.  
Alright, update time. I’m still enjoying my job and feeling like I really did make the right decision.

The new hours are starting to catch up with me a little bit. I’m just tired, but still doing pretty well with getting up and out the door in a timely manner. I must say, I feel the earlier mornings are worth it for longer evenings. Don’t get me wrong, I like my sleep in the morning, but that’s all I would do. Now I have more time to do…well, anything. It’s quite lovely.

Oh and my commute is glorious. I didn’t have to get gas for a week and a half, you guys. A WEEK AND A HALF!

Other than that not too much has been happening lately. Lots of making plans – family time, dinners with friends, baseball games, Summerfest, cabin weekend, so on and so forth. It should be a fun summer.



Last night Bryce said, “Oh no, your ear is bleeding!” I didn’t think much of it and started feeling around, assuming that I scratched it somewhere. I asked where the bleed was and he said, “YOUR EAR HOLE!!!”

So, of course, I start freaking out thinking my brain is hemorrhaging or something truly horrible. I said something like, “WAIT, WHAT?! WHAT?! WHAT?! OH MY GOD! FROM MY EAR DRUM OR SOMETHING?!”  (My internal dialogue was more like: I’M DYING I’M DYING MY BRAIN IS EXPLODING MY EARDRUM HAS POPPED WHERE IS THE CLOSEST ER WILL I EVEN MAKE IT THERE I’M DEAD!!!!!!!!!!)

He says, “NO! From your earring hole!!! That can’t be good.”

Ohhhhhh geez. Men.

Most terrifying health scare of my life and all because I wore crappy earrings.

Now that my ear hole story is out of the way, let me tell you about my weekend. We went to Chicago to visit our friend, Matt, and catch a Cubs game. Unfortunately for us the weather was complete crap and the game was cancelled about five seconds after we arrived at Wrigley. We made the most of the weekend though and Matt graciously allowed us to bring the little red devil to his apartment. I think his roommate ended up spending more time with Beatrix than we did which I feel terrible about (for him, not her — she was happy as a clam). Hopefully she wasn’t terrible for him.

I must say, she was pretty good for us. Very little barking or peeing on people. She got to meet a couple of rats and discovered a light up ball that she is now obsessed with. She slept almost the whole way home curled up in my lap. A good dog weekend. I should mention, it was also the anniversary of the day we brought her home. It was kind of fun to have an itty bitty road trip to commemorate our trip home with her.

On Saturday in Chicago we had “blunch” at Fountainhead (frittata and salty dog for me) then headed to Begyle brewing for some flights. Once the game was cancelled we played games at a bar that I don’t remember the name of, but starts with a “G”. (Pro blogger right here.) We watched the Blackhawks win at Matt’s place and ordered some deep dish pizza. Call me crazy, but Chicago deep dish just isn’t my thing. Chicago style hot dogs? YES. Chicago style pizza? Not so much. Bryce got Matt’s building key stuck in the front door when he went to get the pizza so that made for quite a fiasco. Sorry Matt.

The next day we had doughnuts from Fire Cakes. I enjoyed a rhubarb bourbon fritter and a coconut cream donut. HOLY CRAPKIES THOSE WERE DELICIOUS. Then we went to…wait for it…wait for it…WAIT FOR IT…


EATALY!!!! Oh my gosh, that place is my version of Disneyland. I bought everything and spent all my monies. Just kidding, they are quite reasonably priced and I only got three bottles of wine when I really wanted fifty. And I didn’t even buy dessert! Now that’s what I call self restraint.

Once we arrived home that afternoon, I took a shower (with a shower beer — I’m not an alcoholic though I swear) and lounged around until dinner time when we ate almost everything we bought that morning at Eataly including fresh spring pea pasta with compound butter and asparagus with parmigiano reggiano on top plus a loaf of bread and fresh burrata and olive oil and some chardonnay. I now weigh 400 pounds.

And then Game of Thrones happened and if you are ever looking for me on Sunday night, I can be found standing in my living room holding my face in panic until I know that Jon Snow is safe for the week. IMG_8759IMG_8786



Bryce has been really getting on me about blogging. I’m soorrrrrryyyy…I’ve been busy, okay?!

Next week is the last at my current job. It’s hard to believe that after five years working with this group of people I’ll be headed to a new company. It’s bittersweet, but I must say I’m very excited! And I think it’s for the best…I started in my department when I was 20 years old and I still get called “kiddo” on occasion. Can’t say that nickname really suits an adult married woman anymore. haha

We’ve been doing a lot of celebrating lately. Not only am I starting a new job, but many of our friends have extremely exciting things happening in their lives. Graduations, new jobs, new businesses! It’s an incredible time and I’m so proud of everyone!

After the celebrating was all said and done, I had to go out of town for work. For whatever reason, I found it incredibly stressful. I’m training my replacement and letting go is hard for me. I can be just a tad bit of a control freak. Plus I had to eat out for every meal and that never makes me feel good. The trip was short, but I can already see the combination of stress and sugar showing up on my face. The joys of terrible skin.

I’m home now and I took the day off! I figured my puppy could use some momma time. (Okay so it’s actually that I needed some puppy time.) And we have no food in the house so I think a wee bit of grocery shopping is in order before we head to Chicago this weekend. Go Cubs Go!



It was a weekend for the history books, ladies and gentleman! Our friends got married and we just couldn’t be happier for them. (Most beautiful bride ever, by the way.)

One of the great things about friends getting married is that it brings the big ol’ friend group together. We had such a great weekend catching up and celebrating all of the exciting things happening in our lives. Gives me that warm and fuzzy feeling inside!

   ^how cute are they?!       ^and yes, I’m allergic to everything

Momma’s Day

I just want to say slightly early happy mother’s day to the best mom I could ever ask for — I can’t wait to celebrate with you in a couple of weeks! And to my mom-in-law, thanks for raising my favorite person in the world.

Speaking of my favorite person, he “helped” Beatrix make this for my first doggy momma’s day:



Oh bestill my Irish Terrier/Graphic Designer loving heart!