No. 3


Hey guys, while you weren’t looking I turned 27. It’s rare that a birthday makes me feel like I’ve entered a new stage of life, but this one did. Looking back on old Affichomanie posts, it’s interesting to see just how much my priorities and interests have changed. Although many of my goals haven’t changed, my 20’s Bucket List almost feels as if someone else wrote it.

By the way, it was a great birthday. Bryce and I had breakfast at Story Hill BKC then went school supply shopping for a fundraiser. That night we had dinner at Tre Rivali and they gave us a slice of olive oil cake with sea salt ice cream that was to die for.



It was most definitely a summer full of weddings. In June, my friend Michelle was married in Kenosha and she brought all of our high school friends together again. It was so much fun to catch up and celebrate Michelle & Tyler.



In July, my life long friend, Kyley, got married! I was honored to be a bridesmaid. Bryce, my mom, Beatrix, and I had a grand ol’ road trip to Ohio for the occasion. It’s always a blast to see Kyley and her family as they are practically family to us.

Kyley’s twin sister, Chelsea, and I came to the conclusion that our relationship most closely resembles that of cousins. We aren’t sister close and we don’t get to see or talk to each other constantly like best friends do, but we always check in on each other and when we are together it’s like a family reunion and it feels as if we’ve never been apart.

I was designated back-up hair stylist and there are far too many pictures of me making weird faces because I was afraid of screwing up fellow bridesmaids’ hair. It worked out. (These pics are the less weird ones.)



Anyway, the weekend and wedding was beautiful. Biggest of congratulations to Kyley and Christian!



In August, Noir got to be part of a fantastic wedding for an incredible couple. We worked for about a million hours straight, but it was so worth it. What a blast! (Details will be on the Noir blog so that’s all you get for now. Sorry.)


Did you do anything besides attend weddings this summer, you ask. Why yes, yes I did.

I kissed my dog a lot. Look, we have matching hair.


I hung out with my honey on a roof.


I visited my dad’s old neighborhood and he gave me an excellent tour full of outrageous anecdotes. The stories, omg, the stories. Here’s his childhood home.


I drank wine on a yacht in Chicago for work. My life is really hard, I know.


I celebrated our third wedding anniversary in Chicago with Bryce. We ate at Antique Taco, shopped around (I bought clothes, he bought records), and we enjoyed Negroni slushies on a patio in the blazing heat. Worth it.


We took a little anniversary staycation together and visited the Milwaukee Art Museum where we snacked outside at the lake. We visited the Boerner Botanical Gardens and Bryce rubbed every herb he could get his hands on. It was like a really delightful & endearing smell my finger joke all afternoon.


I visited the Renaissance Faire with my family. My sunglasses broke approximately 60 seconds into the day so my dad picked and purchased my hat. It’s awesome, right?! We had a really fun day together eating cheese fritters and watching my dad excel at every game there is to play.


And the biggest news of all, at least for me, I got glasses. I’ve never needed glasses and then I went to the DMV and discovered that my right eye stopped working. (I’m exaggerating…a little.) The nice man at the DMV told me not to worry. He said, and I quote, “As we get older our bodies go through changes” and “Don’t go home and cry about this now! You just might want to get your eyes tested.” I guess maybe it was a little obvious that I was FREAKING OUT. (I mean, I still passed the test so it’s not that big of a problem.) So essentially the deal is, my left eye is fine and dandy. I have astigmatism in my right eye and I really only need my glasses for driving at night. I also wear them when I’m working because they protect from blue light. It’s an adjustment, but I like them. Oh, and Bryce got glasses too! He looks like Clark Kent (insert heart eyes emoji here).


Ta ta for now, folks!


No. 2


Thought it would be nice to start us off with a hilarious photo of the sock thief-in-chief. This is Beatrix’s “Oh sh!t, you caught me!” face.



So, hi. I wrote this post MONTHS ago and didn’t post it. I don’t understand myself at all. Enjoy.


I hate to be one of those people that starts working out again and won’t shut up about it, but my goodness, I have turned into a limp noodle person. Last night I did the first workout of a fitness plan Colette coerced me into doing (okay, she didn’t really coerce me— this is done out of my own freewill), and now I hurt. Sitting in a desk chair all day with sore abs is not enjoyable.

The thing is, I eat pretty darn well until after dinner and then I want sweets and any exercise beyond walking my dog is a no-go. I don’t really need help in the food department beyond not letting myself eat dessert, but exercise? Uh. I go through waves of being really good at consistently working out and then waves of just not getting up off my butt at all. You can relate, right? RIGHT?!

It was a long winter, you guys. I did a lot of sitting and eclair eating. And now I’m a limp noodle.


Oh, and I just realized the Great British Baking Show comes back in two weeks! Yeah, I’m done for after that—the show sends me into a baking frenzy. Why am I even trying?


I’m learning html. I’ve known a teensy bit and use it at work and on websites I’ve put together here and there, but I’m actively trying to learn and use more. It’s a skill I’ve had on my annual personal goals list for a good couple of years. ‘Bout time I got around to it.

I built a little website with what I learned in a short online class I took and it was a blast. Maybe I’ll start building websites from scratch for people. Business number two!

I have at least ten business ideas and I have a plan in the works for a legitimate second business (related to Noir, an off-shoot you could say). I just can’t stop, you guys. I get comfortable in my new norms too quickly and then I need to change. I need to take up a hobby (napping?) instead of starting businesses.



A couple of weeks ago I got to spend my work day at Willis Tower (Sears tower for you nit-picky people, you know who you are) with that view. It was a fun day of major learning and eating deep dish.

Also, Willis has an Argo Tea cafe which I really need to become a thing in Milwaukee. I mean, tea cafes?! YES. I had sparkling mint tea with lime juice + cane sugar. It rocked my socks off.


I read yesterday that the best age to get pregnant according to fertility doctors is 25. And the average age is 26.3.

I’m 26.8 (I’M 27.1 NOW, JUST SAYING) so pretty much I’m already an old foagie who will never have children. I mean, that’s what I was supposed to get out of the story, right?

I’m actually really happy this information was shared on a popular website for women my age because, seriously, who are these pregnant 26 year olds? I don’t know any and maybe it’s because I’m generally surrounded by career oriented people?

Honestly, I feel regularly judged by people my age for already being married. I get a lot of, “Oh yeah, I forget you’re married.” and “Whoa, it’s weird to think someone my age has already been married for that long.” Heaven forbid I mention the idea of kids to some of my friends.



I’m walking a fine line with how much I want to share about my life here. I really enjoy blogs where they go all out and you know the all of their life deets. You get to know the writer and then it turns into a whole supportive little community.

On the other hand, I’m a private person. It generally takes a long time for me to tell my friends, and even my family, the personal details of my life.

I find myself writing these personal posts on a regular basis and never making them public. I think about how I would handle the news or opinions I’m writing about if I were to talk to someone face to face and, frankly, I’d never divulge the same details I’m comfortable writing out.

I guess that’s just the way I need it to be right now.

P.S. Did I mention I’m bronde now?