Oh, hello there. Have you missed me? I missed you.
I don’t know though, you guys, I’ve really enjoyed my summer away from the computer. Not to say I haven’t been online, but I’ve been in more of a journaling than blogging mood. Obviously, I edit and sensor myself here. I needed my stream of consciousness writing the past couple of months and it left nothing in the tank for Affichomanie. I’m feeling ready to get back to it now. So here’s what I’ve been up to lately.

I got a few things checked off that Summer Ten list of mine. Check out my update here.

I turned 26 this summer and actually celebrated the occasion. I realized that I only celebrate my birthday about every 5 years. It’s not intentional…just seems to happen that way. Well, it’s been 5 years and I had the party itch so we hopped on a boat cruise & had dinner at Merriment Social with some of my favorite people. It was incredible amounts of fun.

Bryce and I just had our second anniversary and it was pretty magical. I bought us robes from the Iron Horse Hotel as an anniversary gift to ourselves and it was one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. Then we had dinner at Bacchus and it was incredible. I realize it’s only been two years (8 years together), but to us it feels like marriage is just getting easier. We’ve had a few trials and tribulations since we got married – a couple of job losses, car break-ins, and the raising of a new & crazy puppy, but our relationship has remained good. Really, really good. Let’s hope we continue to feel this way. Oof, I really like that guy.

Our anniversary also (weirdly) marks the occasion of Beatrix now being a year out from her spaying surgery. Remember puppy pajamas?! Holy macaroni, time flies when you’re snuggling a sweet pup. In this year we discovered Beatrix has weird teeth and food allergies like me. I swear if she weren’t a different species I’d believe she’s actually related to me. We also learned she loves sweet potatoes and hates bicycles. She is who she is! As a matter of fact, we have established that Bea’s life motto is, “I do what I want!” (Sometimes with a “mother****ers!” added to the end of it. She’s a pistol.)

I’m still really enjoying my new job. It’s been three months and my conclusions thus far are that I have the greatest boss, my co-workers are hilarious, I enjoy the work that I’m doing, and despite the stress and craziness that happens I still go home feeling pretty good about what I do. I feel valued and I can’t ask for much more than that.

I know I’ve been promising and hinting at new adventures for quite a while and still nothing. But it’s coming. I SWEAR. Just hold tight.

Cheers to the end of an incredible summer!



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