The Summer Ten


1. Lay on a beach and drink champagne. (AKA Pretend I’m Beyoncé.)

I did lie on a very little beach at a pond and drink sparkling water. Close enough. It turns out I’m not actually Beyoncé. Who knew?

2. Find a batting cage. I can’t even remember the last time I did this, but I think it would be a really fun date.

This did not happen, but we did go on a little Par 3 golfing date. I’m infinitely less terrible at golfing than expected. I’m not saying I’m good…I’m just not terrible. And I really enjoyed it!

3. Eat at as many rooftop/outdoor restaurants as possible.

Yes, eating is never a problem. The past couple of summers have included a near weekly coffee outside at Stone Creek. Otherwise, we’ve been eating out quite a bit less than we have in the past. However, we did dine al fresco at Café Hollander, Wolf Peach, Stack’d, and a few others. What is it about eating outside that feels so wonderful? 

4. Work on developing a hobby. I’m leaning towards drawing right now.

I don’t know. I just…don’t …know. I think my hobby is reading. Can that be a hobby? I believe right now I’m on my 8th or 9th book for the season. I always associate summer with reading. Probably because I grew up with Harry Potter and every summer when the new book came out, I would lock myself in the house and read straight through. Oh, Harry, I miss you. 

5. Bake a few seasonal pies. I’ve already made a blubarb pie (blueberry + rhubarb). Pie dough from scratch is worth the effort.

Yes, some pie happened. I even went to a pie class. Right now, I’m trying to wean myself off of sugar so I made a veggie pot pie with leftover dough from the pie class. That counts, right?
6. Two words: CABIN. WEEKEND.

Cabin vacation with my parents! Mauston, WI is a weird town, my friends. 

7. Find a pool and…swim in it.

Where are the pools? I honestly don’t know.

8. Have a shopping day in Chicago.

Poor. Too poor.

9. Finally get to a Cubs game.

Yes, thank you, new job, for the sweet suite.

10. Get a new car + fix up the Jetta.

This happened, hence the “too poor” from number 8. We are now the proud (embarrassed) owners of two silver Jettas. This was not intentional, but it happened anyway.


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