Last night Bryce said, “Oh no, your ear is bleeding!” I didn’t think much of it and started feeling around, assuming that I scratched it somewhere. I asked where the bleed was and he said, “YOUR EAR HOLE!!!”

So, of course, I start freaking out thinking my brain is hemorrhaging or something truly horrible. I said something like, “WAIT, WHAT?! WHAT?! WHAT?! OH MY GOD! FROM MY EAR DRUM OR SOMETHING?!”  (My internal dialogue was more like: I’M DYING I’M DYING MY BRAIN IS EXPLODING MY EARDRUM HAS POPPED WHERE IS THE CLOSEST ER WILL I EVEN MAKE IT THERE I’M DEAD!!!!!!!!!!)

He says, “NO! From your earring hole!!! That can’t be good.”

Ohhhhhh geez. Men.

Most terrifying health scare of my life and all because I wore crappy earrings.

Now that my ear hole story is out of the way, let me tell you about my weekend. We went to Chicago to visit our friend, Matt, and catch a Cubs game. Unfortunately for us the weather was complete crap and the game was cancelled about five seconds after we arrived at Wrigley. We made the most of the weekend though and Matt graciously allowed us to bring the little red devil to his apartment. I think his roommate ended up spending more time with Beatrix than we did which I feel terrible about (for him, not her — she was happy as a clam). Hopefully she wasn’t terrible for him.

I must say, she was pretty good for us. Very little barking or peeing on people. She got to meet a couple of rats and discovered a light up ball that she is now obsessed with. She slept almost the whole way home curled up in my lap. A good dog weekend. I should mention, it was also the anniversary of the day we brought her home. It was kind of fun to have an itty bitty road trip to commemorate our trip home with her.

On Saturday in Chicago we had “blunch” at Fountainhead (frittata and salty dog for me) then headed to Begyle brewing for some flights. Once the game was cancelled we played games at a bar that I don’t remember the name of, but starts with a “G”. (Pro blogger right here.) We watched the Blackhawks win at Matt’s place and ordered some deep dish pizza. Call me crazy, but Chicago deep dish just isn’t my thing. Chicago style hot dogs? YES. Chicago style pizza? Not so much. Bryce got Matt’s building key stuck in the front door when he went to get the pizza so that made for quite a fiasco. Sorry Matt.

The next day we had doughnuts from Fire Cakes. I enjoyed a rhubarb bourbon fritter and a coconut cream donut. HOLY CRAPKIES THOSE WERE DELICIOUS. Then we went to…wait for it…wait for it…WAIT FOR IT…


EATALY!!!! Oh my gosh, that place is my version of Disneyland. I bought everything and spent all my monies. Just kidding, they are quite reasonably priced and I only got three bottles of wine when I really wanted fifty. And I didn’t even buy dessert! Now that’s what I call self restraint.

Once we arrived home that afternoon, I took a shower (with a shower beer — I’m not an alcoholic though I swear) and lounged around until dinner time when we ate almost everything we bought that morning at Eataly including fresh spring pea pasta with compound butter and asparagus with parmigiano reggiano on top plus a loaf of bread and fresh burrata and olive oil and some chardonnay. I now weigh 400 pounds.

And then Game of Thrones happened and if you are ever looking for me on Sunday night, I can be found standing in my living room holding my face in panic until I know that Jon Snow is safe for the week. IMG_8759IMG_8786



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