You guys, I’m trying out Airbnb again. I’m a little bit nervous, but we’re headed to Indianapolis in October and I figure they will have the same midwestern sensibility that I have so things might be better. I’ve never actually been to Indiana. It seems weird to have lived so close my whole life but to never have stepped foot in the state. I know I’m not alone in that…I think generally when people choose to travel somewhere they like to go a bit further from their home in distance and culture. Regardless, I’m looking forward to our little weekend trip. We’re even taking Beatrix with us!

Bryce and I did a little bit of damage at Crate + Barrel and J. Crew this weekend. That’s so grossly consumerist of us, but you know what? I cook a lot and I still have items from our wedding registry that I haven’t purchased & need (like a microplane) and J. Crew’s clothes are dang cute and good quality and actually affordable when you shop on sale and have a discount because your husband works at a university, okay?!

I’ve been working so hard to clear my closet of crap I don’t wear or items that are worn out and should have been replaced long ago. I just want everything I have to be good quality and something that I actually love to wear. I definitely have emotional attachment to material items, but I’ve been slowly working myself up to the big clean out by getting rid of a couple things whenever I get something new. Well, this weekend was the big clean out. I followed a new rule I heard about which is to pull out your absolute favorite clothes by picking the items you would pack with you right now for a trip. Everything left behind has to be evaluated by trying it on and asking if you feel good in it, if you have use for it, and if it is in good condition. When all was said and done, I had a Ziploc Big Bag full of clothes. There are a couple of staple items I’ll be replacing because they were worn out, but otherwise I have no worries about letting go of all those clothes. Feels really good.

On Saturday we made the worst Blue Apron meal in history. It was so bad I briefly considered cancelling my subscription. (But the next day’s meal made up for it so all is well.) I think it was especially disappointing because we made a big deal about getting a wine and chocolates from Indulgence to go with it and we even bought these awesome noodle bowls (which I realize is ridiculous, but we’ve been eating a lot of asian food and they are pretty great bowls). Ugh, it was just so bad. Like eating worms. We threw it out and ordered thai food. We never do that. SO DISAPPOINTING. (And yes, we make a big deal about food because it’s fun and delicious and eating is practically my hobby. No, I do not weight 500lbs…yet.)

Beatrix was as cute and snuggly and messy as ever. My apartment is a permanent puppy disaster zone. I can pick up after her 1,000 times a day and it will still be a mess by the end of the night. Eh, at least she’s cute.

OH HEY, WEST ELM HAS THROWS ON SALE FOR $10. I bought one and Bea was really excited about the cardboard it came in. You should probably buy one. And send the cardboard my way.

Beatrix Messchocolatecrossedlegsmeandbea


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