This weekend I spent what felt like 1,000 hours shopping for a dress online to wear for an upcoming event. The first 500 hours were actually spent on Rent the Runway because I really wanted to try renting dresses for all of the events we’ll be attending this year. I got to the “check out” with dresses to rent a couple of times, but I couldn’t justify spending $50-$100 on a dress that I only get to wear for one night AND don’t get to try on and see if I really like how it looks. Sure, you get a second size for free (if it’s available) and you can rent a second dress for a discounted price, but then I’m spending even more money for two dresses and will only wear one of them one time! If I weren’t so cheap I would rent dresses for everything because they are gorgeous and the cost to actually purchase one of those dresses is astronomical.

But I am cheap. So I bought that dress from Nordstrom for $28 and I’m quite excited about it, thank you very much! I am still jealous of you Rent the Runway regulars though.

Other than that, I mostly just Spring cleaned the weekend away. In preparation for our new mattress (arriving Monday!), I cleaned out behind and under the bed. I also pulled everything off of our bookcases and cleaned underneath those. Bryce cleaned the windows and the kitchen. You know, exciting things like that.

I did a bit of TV watching, but none of it was actual TV somehow. My mom sent old home video tapes into Legacy Box and I spent Friday evening watching the returned digital videos of my first birthday party and more. Not to toot my own horn or anything, but holy moly I was a cute little baby. As my dad would say, “what happened?”

On Saturday we rented Whiplash. Have you seen it? I kind of lost of my crap over how good it was. Seriously. SO GOOD. Annnd we watched Going Clear, the new documentary on HBO about Scientology. I can’t say I learned much because I’m a nerd that reads about religions a lot. I find them all so fascinating. But I did enjoy the documentary and it kind of left me feeling like Scientology isn’t actually a religion. They made an interesting point in the documentary about how most people can give you a rundown of their religious beliefs in a minute or two. Scientologists don’t even know what their beliefs are until they are several years and thousands of dollars into it. At least that’s what they said in the documentary. I don’t actually know any Scientologists so I’m not going to pretend I know their personal biz. Ya know? dressthebsbabyash



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