I hate to write it out and jinx us all, but I think the bitterly cold temperatures might be over for this season. What do you think? I always get antsy for Spring this time of year when it comes to my wardrobe. I busted out the mint green pants a couple weeks ago. I figure it just encourages Spring to hurry along!

Despite my pretending Spring is already here, last week I had to work from home one day. The weather is such a beast sometimes. But the great thing about working from home is I have a very happy puppy and I get to eat all day long. I polished off a container of potato salad from Outpost and a couple of english muffins with avocados. Made me so happy. By the way, have you had the roasted red pepper potato salad from Outpost? It’s crazy good. And vegan!

We had a couple of really great Blue Apron meals last week too. I had a tie for all time favorites between the chilaquiles and the below pictured butternut squash with stewed white beans. Bryce wasn’t home when I made the squash & beans and it took all of my willpower not to eat his half of the food.

Oh, and I got a new purse! I feel like it’s me in purse form. I love it so much. And I am not a purse girl. It takes a lot for me to spend money on a purse, but I’ve needed a new one for quite a while. And I reallllllly can’t spend hundreds of dollars on a purse. I just can’t. I have two nice big purses that I used during the work week and then on the weekend I would have to pull out the essentials and stick it in a small purse that was completely worn out. It also made for a couple of mishaps with leaving things in the wrong purse. But now I have a medium sized purse that I really like and can use all week and weekend. Woot! TJ Maxx is the greatest.

And last but not least, my little Beatrix is turning one on Friday! I’m such a proud doggy mama. It’s embarrassing how much I love my dog. She is getting a peanut butter banana birthday cake and a couple of presents. Yes, we’ve become those people. Judge away!


IMG_8342 IMG_8351IMG_8359IMG_8319



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