Two Years


Tomorrow marks the two year anniversary of Affichomanie. It seems like it’s been way longer than that…and also way shorter. I find it so bizarre to look back on posts from two years ago and realize how much I’ve changed. If for no other reason, I’m glad I blog to see that.

I started Affichomanie because I needed a place to record things that made me happy and somewhere to express a little bit of creativity. As with many things in my life, I started to compare myself and Affichomanie to other blogs. It was overwhelming. I thought I needed to turn it into some curated space where I appeared to be perfectly put together. I obsessed over my page views (always dismal numbers) instead of just creating content that I wanted to write and read. I took some time off and now I feel like I’ve found my groove.

In this space, I write like I’m talking to my friends. Because I am. I’m not pretending that I have the perfect life, that I have everything figured out, because no one does. Sometimes, my dog runs away. Sometimes, my neighbors wake me up at 3AM and I write something crazy while I’m delirious with sleep. Sometimes, I share a pasta recipe that looks gross even to me.

I really enjoy sharing my true self here. I’ve found it so therapeutic to write about things that were bothering me and find this amazing connection with people through that. Some of my most popular posts were the ones I was terrified to share like this one and this one.

I’ve met or re-connected with people after they have read Affichomanie which has been amazing because they feel like they already know me. Definitely good for me because I can be shy and standoffish around new people. I mean…someone wrote this in my yearbook:

yearbook note


Hahaha! I suppose that sums me up pretty well.

Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that I’m so thankful for this space and for those of you that follow along. It really means a lot to me. I think there are some big things on the horizon this year for me and Affichomanie so I hope you stick around.


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