Oh my goodness! Life is busy. Where do I even begin?

I had food poisoning last weekend which meant I did the bare minimum of anything productive. The blog is definitely not included in my bare minimum at this point in my life. I took off of work on Monday to stay near my bathroom (tmi, sorry) and then played catch up with my life the rest of the week. On Thursday (I think…?) the roads were deceivingly awful from snow the night before. It took me two hours to get to work because of all the car accidents and I nearly lost my mind.

Going backwards, on Friday before I started to feel too sick I had dinner at Hinterland with the coolest person ever, Colette. I took awful food pictures (see below) because I was too excited about our conversation to work very hard on taking photos. Plus it’s really dark in there. Not that I’m complaining.

Then on that Sunday Bryce and I HAD to run errands so I went to put Beatrix in her crate and realized that she is just too big for it now. I knew it was starting to get cramped, but I think she had a growth spurt during the week because I was shocked at how small the crate looked. We wanted to wait a bit longer before buying a new crate or pen for her to see if we felt she was ready to just be out on her own when we’re gone. We didn’t feel ready for that yet so we bucked up and bought a great indoor/outdoor playpen with a nice door that is HUGE. It arrived on Tuesday and she did well in it on Wednesday. I thought it would be perfect until Bryce arrived home on Thursday to a little Bea greeting him at the door. We thought maybe our dog walker didn’t close the door properly. But sure enough she was out again the next day. And then when we went grocery shopping on Saturday she got out again. That little brat figured out how to open the door. I don’t know how she’s doing it, but the good news is she was really well behaved when she was out.

So on Sunday when we went to a luncheon honoring Bryce’s mom (congrats again, Kenda!) we decided to just leave her out. I’d say she was pretty good, but she did completely destroy the basket we kept our keys in. I can’t necessarily blame her for that because the texture was similar to the twigs we allow her to chew on. We’ll see how it goes on Monday! Fingers crossed. Luckily our dog walker will be stopping by around noon. We set up her old crate in case she’s destroyed the entire apartment and can’t be left out for the afternoon. I need to get one of those camera monitor thingys.

We also started our House of Cards marathon this weekend. Bryce found the perfect wine. And we ate lots of cheese from Clock Shadow Creamery. And I made potato skins. It was the perfect binge watching party for two. Are you watching?



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