The Fourth Year

Vegetarian Side by SideI shared that photo on Monday in honor of my 4th vegetarian anniversary. The girl on the left was a brand new vegetarian who had no idea she was about to drastically change her life.

At the time, I just couldn’t bare the thought of eating animals anymore. No one believed I would stick with it when I went cold turkey after balling my eyes out watching this episode of Morgan Spurlock’s 30 Days. But here I am 4 years later, 30 pounds lighter, and I’m in the body I always pictured myself in. That wasn’t the goal, just a perk. And I have to admit, yoga and an Irish terrier got the last couple pounds off in 2014. Along with my years pouring over information about vegetarianism, I learned how to live a life of well-rounded health from skin care to home care and beyond. The learning never ends.

I’m far from perfect. I still don’t always follow what I know is the healthy way. I always forget my vitamins. My wine consumption occurs a bit too frequently. My love handles still have a little jiggle to them and my sweet tooth is ever present (although smaller), but I feel good and I’m in tune with my body. And all the while, I’ve reduced my impact on the environment significantly — more than if I hadn’t driven my car in these 4 years — and my body and conscience are clear of the affects of eating meat. I’ve learned too much to go back. I feel too good to go back. Hell, I look too good to go back! Jowls just don’t suit me. My life has benefited in a myriad of other ways too. I’m a better cook, I have clearer skin, and this lifestyle has even brought me closer to my husband.

I’d love to share more about the nitty-gritty reasons why becoming a vegetarian, or at least reducing meat consumption, is important. I just don’t feel I have the credibility built to support sharing more without coming off in an unpleasant way. I, happily, have too many readers that aren’t my real life friends to start any of the more serious reasons. For example, I’d love to share more about why I don’t eat seafood, something I learned through my environmental studies. Many people are surprised I don’t eat seafood because it’s a healthier alternative to meat. I have a lot of reasons, I’m just not sure we’re ready to go there on this platform. Do you think we’re ready? What would you like to hear from me? I’d love to know.

For now I’ll say visit Kris Carr, my wellness guru, on her website, through her books, or even by watching her documentary Crazy Sexy Cancer which jump-started all of this. She also recently tweeted at me — the most exciting tweet of my life. My hero!

I think, for now, sharing my story is enough. If you want more, all you have to do is ask.


2 thoughts on “The Fourth Year

  1. eatinginmke

    congrats! that’s awesome. i’ve definitely reduced my meat consumption over the years, but am not a vegetarian as i believe that not everyone’s body is built for that. however, i totally, and completely appreciate anyone who makes positive life changes for themselves. you’re living proof! 🙂 good for you. keep it up!

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