Last week was bitterly cold and I was just miserable. I did get to work from home a little bit to stay out of the weather, but I’m not sure I’ve ever been so happy for it to be 16 degrees outside.

The cold made for a cozy weekend spent mostly at home. I did get my hair cut (always a treat) and we went to Honeypie Cafe for dinner. They were offering a savory bread pudding special that was incredible and we shared a slice of salty honey pie while I sipped an iced tea. It was like a tiny taste of summer. We always play old Trivial Pursuit from the 70s when we eat at Honeypie and Bryce absolutely dominates. We spend most of the time questioning how on earth he knows this stuff. I, on the other hand, suck at it. I usually get the science questions.¬†Otherwise, it’s downright embarrassing.

Sunday was a lot of puppy cuddles, a lot of reading, a lot of Packers, a lot of cleaning, and a lot of pickling. Somehow Bryce managed to get too hot for his sweater, but not too hot for his winter hat which meant my husband became a straight up hipster while pickling blueberries. Evidence below.

This weekend also marked my 4 year vegetarian anniversary. More to come on that later, but the photo is me on the day I became a vegetarian and me just a couple weeks ago. It may not be too obvious, but I’ve changed so much. It’s hard to believe.

Hipster BryceBea BookVegetarian Side by Side



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