The Ultimate Milwaukee Brunch Guide — Part 3, Bay View

Milwaukee Brunch Guide, Bay View

Oooo, Bay View. This is probably the neighborhood I’m least familiar with in terms of dining for brunch, but I’m getting there slowly. I even had brunch at Palomino for my birthday. I’ve discovered there are a lot of surprising restaurants that offer brunch in Bay View like Riviera Maya and Hamburger Mary’s — I just don’t normally associate these restaurants with brunch food, but I’m not complaining! The more, the merrier.

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Cafe Lulu — When I think of Cafe Lulu, I think crunchy asian slaw. Oh, I love it so. And crunchy asian slaw plus breakfast foods? YES.
2261 & 2265 S. Howell Avenue  (414) 294-LULU

Cafe Centraal — Not sure there is anything more I have to say than MONKEY BREAD AND BEER! But I’ll keep going anyway. I have yet to enjoy brunch at Cafe Centraal, but I have had brunch at it’s sister restaurants, Cafe Hollander and Cafe Benelux. Their menus are quite similar and I’m happy to report that their brunch menus are some of my favorite. I really love the berry basil french toast and black bean burger…um, just not together.
2306 S. Kinnickinnic Avenue  (414) 755-0378

Honeypie Cafe — I have an undying love for Honeypie because I love pie. And beer. But mostly pie and beer together. Brunch is nice and traditional. A good time will be had for all dining on french toast, burgers or breakfast casserole.
2643 S. Kinnickinnic Avenue  (414) 489-7437

Palomino — Southern style brunch done right. I can tell you the hashbrown casserole, watermelon-free fruit bowl (I’m allergic so it’s a good thing), and beermosa are fun and fantastic. They even serve chicken and waffles, if that’s your thing.
2491 S. Superior Avenue  (414) 747-1007

Riviera Maya — Huevos any way you like ’em! With potatoes, with pico de gallo, with green and red sauce. One of each, please! And chilaquiles, which is always a good decision.
2258 S. Kinnickinnic Avenue  (414) 294-4848

Lazy Susan — This restaurant has been open for about a year and for some reason, I still haven’t been. Their menu is inspiring me to try it soon. I’m a huge french toast and pancake fan and with options like blueberry ricotta pancakes, challah french toast, and banana coconut french toast, they might have my heart.
2378 S. Howell Avenue  (414) 988-7086

Horny Goat Hideaway — Another Milwaukee staple I have yet to try, looks like Horny Goat has a pretty standard menu of traditional breakfast foods combined with their lunch menu. Can’t go wrong with that.
2011 S. 1st Street  (414) 482-4628

Goodkind — They just started serving brunch! I don’t know what the menu is yet, but I’m so excited.
2457 S. Wentworth Street  (414) 763-4706


7 thoughts on “The Ultimate Milwaukee Brunch Guide — Part 3, Bay View

  1. eatinginmke

    ooh! now i want to go out for brunch! Centraal (and their sister restaurants) have my favorite bloody mary in town, and LuLu’s slaw truly is amazing. i’ve tried to make a comparable Asian slaw, but for some reason, it’s just never as good as LuLu’s.

  2. NicholasOfMKE

    Very nice. I live in the Bay View area, so I have been to most of these. Eager to try Lazy Susan. Riviera Maya is known for their mole, and I don’t love mole, but they have great food. Have you been to GTO…not technically brunch, but, for my money, best steak tacos in town! Have you ever purchased a City Tin? A lot of these restaurants are included and you get $10 off your meal. Not sure if they are sold out yet, but worth looking into!

    • Ashley

      I’m excited to try both Lazy Susan and Riviera Maya. I’ve heard such good things. I haven’t been to GTO, but I’ll have to check it out! I had a City Tin last year and was soooooo bad about using it. I’m tempted to get one again — they do pay for themselves really quickly.

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