IMG_7927First Manie of the year! I have a really good feeling about 2015 and so far, it’s going well.

We’ve become old people that like to stay in on NYE so the past couple of years have been spent with an incredible homemade dinner and a bottle of champagne. New Year’s Eve was celebrated this year with an accidentally lemon themed dinner–lemon goat cheese ravioli, lemon chili mozzarella crostini, and french 75s. We also made affogatos and stayed up until 1:30 watching Gone Girl. Throughout the next day Bryce could be heard randomly shouting, “That movie was (BLEEPED) up!” Mmmm, yep.

Our first day of the year we picked up an awesome chair from friends that are moving across the country and had to part with it. I love the chair and so does Beatrix. We spent Friday snuggled up in it–Bea gazing out the window, me working from home. Thanks again to our friends and good luck with your move!

Saturday was one of the laziest days I have ever had. I’m really bad at relaxing. I feel so guilty if I just lay around all day, but I did it! Bryce said he was proud of me. I only moved to go out dinner with our friends at Black Sheep. Which was fun and delicious and definitely worth moving for.

It’s Sunday, the last day before I return to work at the office, and we’ve had a few things to do. Grocery shopping, cleaning, all of that fun stuff. We grabbed a little breakfast at Stone Creek Coffee and picked up one of their holiday boxes on sale. They have a few varieties for a great price. We bought the Milwaukee box which included their Milwaukee blend coffee, coffee mug, and art print. Coffee lovers should definitely snag one for themselves!


I just realized I’ve been wearing that blue sweater A LOT lately. Don’t judge me. It’s the best.

IMG_7911IMG_7908IMG_7925IMG_7941 IMG_7963 IMG_7965 IMG_7967 IMG_7970 IMG_7973




2 thoughts on “Manie

  1. eatinginmke

    my boyfriend and i are exactly the same on new years…we’re finding we have a much nicer time grabbing dinner and coming home early and celebrating quietly together rather than fighting for space in a crowded bar, then having to drive, etc. P.S. your Stone Creek mug is super cute!

    • Ashley

      Oh glad to hear we’re not alone! It is a much more relaxing way to ring in the New Year — squeezing into a bar and driving with drunk people on the road is not my idea of a good time. And thanks! My husband stole the mug so I might have to buy another. 🙂

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