Central Standard Craft Distillery


On Saturday, Bryce and I were running food-related errands on our street to pick up some cheese and chocolate. It had been a long morning and we were parched. Normally, when one is thirsty, you drink something like…I don’t know…water? Not us, apparently, because Bryce shouts, “Cocktails!” and I obliged.

It was quite spontaneous of Bryce to want to drink at Central Standard Craft Distillery at 2:00 in the afternoon, but we’d been wanting to try their white whiskey, gin and vodka since they moved into the neighborhood. Please don’t think we are alcoholics that regularly drink hard liquor at 2:00 in the afternoon. We were having a fun day and sometimes you just want an Old Fashioned to cap that off.

Central Standard is kind of inside/connected to MKE Brewing and, as I mentioned, they make their own vodka, gin and white whiskey that you can find in several stores in the area. The bartender also said they will be expanding distribution so you may see their products near you soon.IMG_7684

I ordered the whiskey old fashioned (sweet) and the whiskey punch. I drank them way too fast because they were so so so delicious. Apologies in advance to anyone wanting whiskey at their bar for having two whiskey cocktails because they were down to about 1.5 bottles and when those bottles are gone, it’s gone! You can still find their whiskey in stores and I imagine they will be producing more of it one of these days. But for now, sorry folks! I had to get my fill.

Bryce ended up having a MKE beer called Elf’s Lament. I mean, who can pass up beer with a name like that. It was delightful, but geez, for the guy who shouted “Cocktails!” at me, you’d think he would actually order a cocktail.

Either way, the drinks and service were great. The atmosphere was fun and fits right in with the Walker’s Point neighborhood. I’m excited to have them down the street and can’t wait to re-stock my bar with Central Standard products!


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