Twenty Seven

Bryce 2

My favorite person is 27 years old today so I think it’s only fair that I write 27 reasons why I looooooveeee him.

Happy Birthday, Bryce.


1. Your punny sense of humor has bled into my sarcastic sense of humor and I kind of love it.Bryce 5

2. You nerd out with me over NPR stories.

3. You clean the toilet.

4. You take Beatrix outside first thing in the morning and last thing at night so that I don’t have to put pants on.Bryce and Bea 2

5. You are mad stylish. I’ve only had to question your outfit choice when you’ve been too dressed up.

6. I never have to drive when I’m with you. I hate driving.

7. You let Beatrix sleep on the bed even though you vowed any dog of ours would not be allowed on the bed. And I know you love it because you snuggle with both of us every morning.Bryce and Bea 1

8. You have let me subtly guide you into the world of good music and now you are usually the one recommending bands to me.

9. You have adorably nerdy hobbies like coin & record collecting.Bryce 1

10. You are the best cook and I love that you have been cooking more often this past year.

11. You’re obsessed with good food like I am. It makes me so happy that your idea of a good time is a four course tasting menu.Bryce and Me 1

12. You take care of house things that wouldn’t even occur to me like changing the air filter.

13. You do a fantastic job of keeping my worry at bay. I don’t think I would have survived Bea’s post-op week without you.

14. Speaking of Bea’s post-op week, you slept on our mattress on the floor for days so we could be near her. We’re crazy and you’re the best.

15. You are supa’ hot.Bryce 3

16. You encourage me to keep working on this blog even when it feels pointless because you know it actually makes me happy.

17. You finally learned how to keep something a surprise.

18. You don’t know where anything is and even though I sometimes get annoyed when you ask me where something is, it’s actually pretty funny & endearing. “It’s in the medicine basket. …You don’t know where the medicine basket is do you?” “Nope.”

19. You are protective of me (and little Bea too).Bryce and Bea 3

20. You smell really good.

21. You say I’m pretty even when I have bed head & splotchy skin.

22. You always finish my meals for me.

23. Even though it’s not always a good thing for us, I love that you are a homebody with me.

24. You watch the Bachelor/Bachelorette with me and make fun of it (which is really the main reason I find it entertaining).Bryce 4

25. You (almost) always wear a watch.

26. You aren’t obsessed with having the latest iPhone anymore.

27. You work really hard to take care of our little family.Bryce and Me 2


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