It has been a fantastic holiday weekend! Thanksgiving was a blast. My mom and I both prepared the food ahead of time so it was the first relaxing Thanksgiving day we’ve pretty much ever had. Which was perfect because my parents adopted a new puppy named Gracie and keeping her happy while Beatrix and their golden retriever, Mick, played like crazy all day was enough to focus on without worrying about cooking too.

I had to work from home on Black Friday, but I got a teensy bit of internet shopping done for some necessities like my skin care products and a pair of boots for Bryce. Then we went to see Mockingjay at Fox Bay theater which was so wonderful and fun.

The next morning Bryce made a delicious dutch oven pancake (his best yet) and then we spent Small Business Saturday mostly at Broadway Paper where I bought tons of holiday cards. Bryce and I finished our Christmas shopping for each other and then I wrote out all of our holiday cards. So nice to have that done before December! We also got to visit with a couple of the best people in the world (Kyle & Nikki!) and their pup, Bruce, who Beatrix may have terrorized a little bit. Oh Beatrix.

Today, Sunday, is a relaxing and cleaning day. Not sure I’m ready for Hanukkah & Christmas decorations quite yet. We usually like to get them done after Bryce’s birthday on December 3rd, but we can at least do a little house cleaning to prepare. I did, however, buy a wreath at Trader Joe’s for $10. Such a deal! We’ll also be making a major trip to Goodwill today since Bryce bought a pair of pants and I bought a shirt and we normally like to get rid of something from our wardrobes if we get something new. This time around we went crazy with the purging. Two huge bags later we are both feeling pretty good about our organization going into Winter.

IMG_7507 IMG_7527IMG_7534IMG_7537




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