I had every intention of making this weekend fun and productive. It was an epic failure. There were plans of visiting the indoor farmer’s market to get local ingredients for Thanksgiving dishes, a visit to Chriskindlmarket at Best Place at Pabst, and purchasing craft supplies to make holiday decorations.

It’s so cute when I make plans. I really have no good reason for why these plans didn’t work out, they just didn’t. But I tried, I really did! Look, I even did my hair & makeup to go to Chriskindlmarket on Saturday night after a lazy day of delaying plans until we were too tired (and Bryce wasn’t feeling the greatest). So we rescheduled for the next day, but then it was rainy and we were feeling very blah about it so we went to Michael’s for craft supplies and goodness gracious, I hate it there. I freaking hate craft stores. I wandered around that store for 15 minutes picking things up and then putting them back, totally losing sight of what I was even there for. Then, in the middle of an aisle, I gave up. I said, “I hate this store! We’re leaving.” Dropped my stuff and booked it.

And you know what? I found everything I wanted to make in its finished form next door at Marshall’s for less money! Crafting is expensive, yo. I’m more of a cook than a crafter anyway. (Oh, I still didn’t buy the stuff at Marshall’s because the idea of spending money on holiday decorations is just really rubbing me the wrong way this year. Bah humbug.)

Anyway, I did accomplish a few things. I met Bruce Wayne, our friends’ new pup. He’s freaking adorable. And I got my Thanksgiving shopping done plus picked up some sushi for dinner. However, I did forget to grab chopsticks so I used bamboo pokey stick things instead. I am a hot mess, people.

It’s also worth noting that Beatrix has been very into carrying her toy basket around lately. The other night she decided that her toy basket needed to come to bed with her so she dragged it into the bedroom then proceeded to get settled on the bed for sleepy time. Bryce and I stayed up reading and little miss princess was pretty irritated with that so she hopped off the bed, grabbed her toy basket, and dragged it into the living room where she sat in a humph with it on her dog bed. The photo isn’t from that night, but she’s been doing it a lot lately. Like a silent protest when we aren’t doing what she wants. She is Queen Bea, after all!
IMG_7489IMG_7488 IMG_7490


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