When we decided to add a dog to our a family, my biggest hope was that she would like to snuggle. I like to have my pup close to me (partially because she is like an electric blanket). I hit the jackpot with Beatrix — she is a major snuggler. Last night after reading The String Diaries from start to finish in 6 straight hours, I stumbled into bed where Bryce and Beatrix were already dozing. I scootched her out of my spot and crawled under the covers. That’s when she decided it was cuddle time, but eventually she ended up at the foot of the bed like normal. Also like normal, she snuggled back up when we woke in the morning and I suppose the cuteness was too much for Bryce because he felt the need to snap a picture. I’m sharing it even though I feel like a picture of me posted in public with no-makeup, pajamas, and a snuggled dog might be a little bit TMI. We’re all friends here though, right?

Also, cheese, crackers and beer. Packer game requirements.


IMG_7432The String DiariesClock Shadow Creamery



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