Small Business Saturday

Indulgence Chocolatiers Walker's Point| one of my favorite local shops — indulgence chocolatiers |

I’ve never been a big Black Friday shopper. I had a few years where my mom and I would venture out for a little while and buy a bunch of junk we didn’t need. I vaguely remember one year of waking up early for Black Friday madness, but even our early wake up call was too late for the best deals.

I guess I’m one of those old-fashioned types that reserves Thanksgiving for enjoying time with family and stuffing my face with food. This whole Black Friday shopping on Thanksgiving evening thing just rubs me the wrong way. Mostly because I worked at an outlet mall for a brief time and double shifts on Black Friday stink enough without cutting even further into Thanksgiving. (Which by the way, the workers have already been missing part of Thanksgiving because they have to sleep and be at the store early for their midnight openings.)

Point is, I’m a much bigger fan of Small Business Saturday (the day after Black Friday). Perks of small business Saturday:

1. No crazy hours.

2. Great discounts.

3. Supporting your local economy & business owners.

4. Small businesses do awesome things like offer free hot chocolate or snacks or other fun things. Big businesses on Black Friday offer potential danger from crazy customers, disastrously messy stores, and lines that last for hours.

Yeah, I prefer the small business experience.

If you’re looking for local places to shop, check out my Milwaukee Holiday guides for treats & libations or for gifts & wrapping.

You should probably also stop by the Urban Garage Sale at Turner Hall. Looks like it will be pretty great and some of the vendors I shared in the guides will be there!


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