Despite my old lady tendencies, I actually went out on Saturday night with my dear friend, Carly, to grab dinner and see Capital Cities. I have no photographic evidence of this occasion because I am generally a big proponent of “being in the moment” when out with friends (not that I wouldn’t have taken pictures at the concert, I just didn’t think to), but luckily Carly remembered to take some pictures so photo cred goes to her for that one. We had dinner at Pizza Man which was fantastic. Somehow I’d never been to this Milwaukee staple, but I now see what all the fuss is about.

In other news, Beatrix ate a pair of my shoes, which I am thankful for because it gave me an excuse to purchase a new pair. I’ve had my eye on some j. crew cleo suede loafers for a while (and I was seriously lacking in the cool weather shoe department) so I finally made that happen. We spent a while looking at other stores to find something similar and cheaper, but finally gave in and decided to just have a look-see at j. crew. So glad I did because my dream shoes were on sale, on sale again, and we got a discount on top of that because Bryce works at a university. They were within my budget and actually what I wanted! I came thisclose to buying a pair of flats that were just okay and I’m glad I didn’t settle. So, long pointless story short (not, actually) those are my shoes. They came with a bag. It’s exciting stuff.

Also, why are McClure’s Pickles so delightful? Normally these jars are ten bucks at Whole Foods, but we found a couple of jars hidden on a shelf at TJ Maxx for half the price. I don’t think my pickle loving husband has ever been happier.

Wow, I wrote a lot for this. Sorry about the rambling!


capital cities at the rave, milwaukeeCleo Suede LoafersMcClure's Pickles






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