Public Service Announcement: Black Friday


The Affichomanie Happy Service has issued an announcement regarding Black Friday.

This is a reminder that exactly 24 hours you ago you were very, very thankful for everything you have. Please refrain from killing anyone over an outrageously low-priced television.

Additionally, you are encouraged to stay inside and instead shop on Small Business Saturday. If you need immediate help, use these guides to shop local in Milwaukee — gifts & wrapping or treats & libations.





Happy Thanksgiving! I will be happily spending the day with family and food. I’m contributing spinach artichoke dip, vegetarian gravy, green bean casserole, cranberry pineapple champagne punch, and apple crumb pie with cinnamon ice cream from Purple Door. Plus some of my apple pastries to enjoy with mimosas and my in-laws. Oh my gosh, I’m so hungry.

Beatrix will get her first taste of turkey that is not in kibble form. She always has to pounce on new food for a while before she eats it so she should be quite entertaining to watch.

This year I’m thankful for my happy marriage, my joyful puppy, my loving family, and more secure job situations for both me and Bryce.

I’m also thankful for my growing and new friendships, a nice roof over my head (that is no longer leaking), and for this blog which has helped me grow as a person and has given me the opportunity to make connections with people through my words and by simply sharing the happy. Writing has helped me take the time to notice what is happening around me and be present in my own life. So to anyone reading this, thanks for visiting. It really means the world to me.

Now, watch this! I snort laughed AND learned something.

Loosen Up


My world is really revolving around food this week, as it is for many of us. Bryce and I have been Netflix binge-watching a whole lot of Anthony Bourdain lately. As you may know, Anthony is pretty much the world’s biggest meat eater so the idea of two vegetarians watching his shows probably seems a little weird. That in combination with a recent article I read about loosening up on the vegetarian diet got me thinking. Bryce and I came to the decision that depending on the circumstances, we may loosen up on not eating meat ever ever ever again.

The article was written by a vegetarian that eats some meat semi-regularly. She asked the question, why does a vegetarian diet have to be all or nothing? I can’t say I disagree. I realized my only problem is with the label “vegetarian”. I hate being labeled as anything, but it’s helpful with social gatherings. At one point, in my department at work, there were two other vegetarians. One ate fish and the other ate fish and chicken. As you probably know, I am…a vegetarian. So I don’t eat fish or chicken. I’m not a pescetarian (eats fish but no other meat) or a flexitarian (occasionally eats meat). There are labels for all of these different ways of eating and irritating as they are, I find the labels much less irritating than explaining to my co-worker that no, I can’t eat the chicken salad she brought to the potluck even though the other vegetarian is scarfing it down.

Point is, what I did like about the article was the sense of freedom that I felt after reading it. Why do we have to be so strict? No one else is ever THAT strict in their diets. Let’s be honest, how many of us have legitimately stuck to a diet for 4 years? (OMG, it’s been FOUR YEARS?!) And why should we have to? In general, I eat intuitively, so why would I completely restrict myself from something if I eat intuitively with everything else?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a vegetarian. Meat just really doesn’t appeal to me and frankly, never really did. (And also a myriad of other reasons for why I don’t eat it that I won’t get into here because we don’t need to go there right now, mmkay?)

This story is totally embarrassing, but the other night, Bryce and I could not figure out what horribly disgusting smell had just crept into our apartment. It was sickening, we were both nauseous. Finally, it hit me. Our neighbor made bacon and the smell was wafting down the hallway. Yes, it’s been so long since we’ve had bacon that we couldn’t figure out what the smell was and it made us sick. Hah, yep, embarrassing.

So when I say we’re going to loosen up on our strict vegetarian diet, I don’t mean we’re going back to eating meat. I mean, if we are in Peru and we are at a restaurant with the world’s best ceviche, I’m not going to miss out on it. Or if we are in Paris and there is an incredible, once-in-a-lifetime dish with meat in it, I’m going to try it.

But I’m still not eating turkey tomorrow.

I always find it kind of adorable when people feel sorry for me because I can’t share in whatever meat dish they are eating. Please, please don’t feel sorry for me. You are so sweet and I’m sure you are thoroughly enjoying your meal, but I am SO happy to not be eating that. I don’t like it and I don’t feel left out and I love you for caring. Exceptions are made for once in a lifetime experiences. It’s just nice to feel that tiny bit of freedom when I think about eating when I travel.

For any friends or family that got really excited during this post that they don’t have to worry about feeding us something different anymore, I’m really sorry. I know that we are a pain in your booty, but I promise we will try to make up for it in copious amounts of wine and desserts. I’m just too stubborn, and happy, to leave this way of life behind.


Coffee Break

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| coffee break thanksgiving edition |


I had every intention of making this weekend fun and productive. It was an epic failure. There were plans of visiting the indoor farmer’s market to get local ingredients for Thanksgiving dishes, a visit to Chriskindlmarket at Best Place at Pabst, and purchasing craft supplies to make holiday decorations.

It’s so cute when I make plans. I really have no good reason for why these plans didn’t work out, they just didn’t. But I tried, I really did! Look, I even did my hair & makeup to go to Chriskindlmarket on Saturday night after a lazy day of delaying plans until we were too tired (and Bryce wasn’t feeling the greatest). So we rescheduled for the next day, but then it was rainy and we were feeling very blah about it so we went to Michael’s for craft supplies and goodness gracious, I hate it there. I freaking hate craft stores. I wandered around that store for 15 minutes picking things up and then putting them back, totally losing sight of what I was even there for. Then, in the middle of an aisle, I gave up. I said, “I hate this store! We’re leaving.” Dropped my stuff and booked it.

And you know what? I found everything I wanted to make in its finished form next door at Marshall’s for less money! Crafting is expensive, yo. I’m more of a cook than a crafter anyway. (Oh, I still didn’t buy the stuff at Marshall’s because the idea of spending money on holiday decorations is just really rubbing me the wrong way this year. Bah humbug.)

Anyway, I did accomplish a few things. I met Bruce Wayne, our friends’ new pup. He’s freaking adorable. And I got my Thanksgiving shopping done plus picked up some sushi for dinner. However, I did forget to grab chopsticks so I used bamboo pokey stick things instead. I am a hot mess, people.

It’s also worth noting that Beatrix has been very into carrying her toy basket around lately. The other night she decided that her toy basket needed to come to bed with her so she dragged it into the bedroom then proceeded to get settled on the bed for sleepy time. Bryce and I stayed up reading and little miss princess was pretty irritated with that so she hopped off the bed, grabbed her toy basket, and dragged it into the living room where she sat in a humph with it on her dog bed. The photo isn’t from that night, but she’s been doing it a lot lately. Like a silent protest when we aren’t doing what she wants. She is Queen Bea, after all!
IMG_7489IMG_7488 IMG_7490

Can We Eat to Starve Cancer TED Talk

A few years ago, I was an intern at Roswell Park Cancer Research Institute. While I didn’t end up going into that field, cancer research is still something that greatly interests me. This Ted Talk about eating to starve cancer is incredible and I’m just so excited about the success this scientist and his associates have had with their research thus far.

I love how he simply and eloquently explains the way cancer works. It’s something I’ve been fumbling to explain to those around me (when the subject comes up) for years. The general public knows so little about something that has directly or indirectly affected all of us.