The Ultimate Milwaukee Brunch Guide — Part 2, Third Ward


Alright, round two! I hope you have your fat pants on because this time we’re headed to the wonderful third ward. I have a couple of quick breakfast (not so much brunch) places thrown in for good measure because when you’re in the third ward, you need all the time you can get for shopping.

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The Third Ward

Coquette Cafe — If you’re looking for a beautiful, gourmet Sunday brunch, Coquette Cafe is the place. Similar to Smyth at the Iron Horse Hotel, I think brunch at Coquette should be reserved for a special occasion like a holiday or a treat during a Milwaukee weekend getaway. With a menu boasting escargot and coq au vin, you’re in for an indulgent meal.
316 N. Milwaukee Street  (414) 291-2655

Rustico Pizzeria — Breakfast pizza, breakfast burgers, breakfast breadsticks. Rustico has it all. While I prefer to eat at Rustico for dinner (fried stuffed olives!), brunch at Rustico is where I discovered this bubbly delight and you can never go wrong with a fruit plate that comes with mascarpone for dipping.
223 N. Water Street  (414) 220-9933

The Wicked Hop — This place is always busy at brunch time so make sure to get there early or plan for a wait with a bloody at the bar. If I’m being honest, the last time I had brunch here was the morning after my bachelorette party so you can imagine the state I was in. That being said, I had the Fat Boy Brunch Burrito with cajun sour cream and sunday spuds and it was to die for! I’m hungry just thinking about it…
345 N. Broadway  (414) 223-0345

Cafe Benelux — Another hot spot, we tried to eat here recently and gave up when we heard it was an hour wait. The last time we did actually stay and eat, I really enjoyed the spinach feta omelet. Delicious.
346 N. Broadway  (414) 501-2500

Holey Moley Coffee + Doughnuts — See my full review of Holey Moley here!
316 N. Milwaukee Street (inside the Coquette Cafe building)  (414) 308-1616

Coffee Shops: Stone Creek is my favorite for coffee and Colectivo is the best for food, but all are lovely!

(Located inside the Public Market) 400 N. Water Street  (414) 336-1111

223 E St Paul  (414) 220-8330

Stone Creek
422 N. 5th Street  (414) 270-1008


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