Party Planning

Oh, I just love throwing parties. Also, I hate throwing parties. Well, I guess it’s up in the air.

Nevertheless, I get the strong urge to host one every year around this time. Like this party and this party. For a while, Bryce and I threw an annual New Year’s Eve bash, but at some point we realized we were old people that just wanted to relax our way into a new year. Since then we’ve always had a shindig between October and January for a variety of occasions. The most recent was our Bryceukkah party (Bryce’s birthday + Hanukkah Celebration) and I think for the FIRST TIME EVER I actually provided the correct amount of food & drinks. I always make too much food. Like way too much. To the point where I spend the whole day and night cooking & cleaning, but never really enjoying myself.

I need a guide when it comes to serving food & stocking the bar for a party which is why I created these handy dandy cheat sheets. Fellow party throwers, never again will we spend our day & night chained to the kitchen! Now go pour yourself a nice glass of bubbly…


How Much to Serve for a Party



Stocking Your Bar for a Party




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