Dark Circles

Today I discovered through an ill-fated selfie that I have some dark circles under my eyes. A subtle reminder that I need to get more sleep and drink more water.

Oh, and also that I’m getting old.


I did some facebook stalking of friends & flames from high school after spending a while looking at old pictures. Nothing will make you feel ancient quite like that (other than the dark circles, I guess). I’m nostalgic for the sisterhood that I felt with my group of friends back then. Oh don’t get me wrong, I remember the drama. I don’t remember what the drama was about, of course, (probably boys) but the stress from it could be blamed for my high school acne alone. Dramatic as teenage girl friendships are, there is an equal passion for how much we loved and cared about each other. We spent every spare moment together doing nothing and everything and helping each other through those pivotal, youthful moments from breakups to family problems right on through to graduation. My high school relationships taught me so much about what true friendship and romantic relationships should and shouldn’t look like. Alright, mostly shouldn’t. Ugh, so many bad boy decisions. (Point is, I miss those girls.)

me and mime shell and christine

I’m really awful at staying in touch with people and getting out of my homebody shell to actually make plans with the lovely friends I have. It’s always more difficult than it should be. Plus making new friends is definitely not as easy as it was in school. Majority of my time is spent at work, like most people, with co-workers who are in vastly different stages of life than I am. Finding a new work friend to shop & get coffee with seems somewhat unlikely. And anyway, the piece of me that was devoted to deep friendships is mostly reserved for my marriage now. Of course that’s normal and expected, but I wonder if I’ll be able to create a friendship like that again. I really think I need it.

Me and Margo

My best friend moved away a few months ago and I suck at long distance (sorry, Margo!) I think about her all of the time, she’s the best person on the planet. For some reason, I think we both always knew that our time living in the same city would be short, but I want our friendship to be long. I need to be a better friend to all of my long distance ladies and to the incredible friends I have here. I’ll maybe even try to make some more. I guess I’m just realizing that I’m missing some serious sisterhood in my life.

Best FriendsFriends above = ALL long distance. What gives?!

jordan ky megirls and mecarly and meladies 2

In writing this I’ve realized how many amazing, beautiful, smart and kind friends I have in my life (so many lovely ladies not pictured here too). Now I just need to be better about seeing them!

Also, going through pictures of me and my friends was pretty much the most fun thing ever. They are all SUPER MODELS!



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