Holey Moley


Doughnuts from Holey Moley in Milwaukee


I did a ten day processed sugar detox and when it was over I walked a mile and a half to get a dozen of these doughnuts from Holey Moley Coffee + Doughnuts.

I don’t think my detox worked.

But you know what? I walked a total of three miles to get these sugary delights and half of that I was carrying them. And apparently these are the world’s heaviest doughnuts because my arm & wrist legitimately hurt when I got home.


Pictured above we have an array of doughnuts including: Blood Orange, Coffee, Raspberry, Coconut, Peanut Butter & Jelly, and Bourbon Vanilla Bean.

Pictured below: The Violet Beauregard with a blueberry filling & blueberry cream cheese frosting. To die for.

There’s a piece of me that doesn’t want to share this post. I just don’t want to contribute to the popularity of Holey Moley. My internal sugar addict says, “More doughnuts for me! Mwahahahahaha!”

Holey Moley is located in the Third Ward at 316 N. Milwaukee Street. It’s disgusting, you’ll hate it, don’t go.


Side story: Has anyone been to Voodoo Doughnuts in Portland, OR? Their doughnuts come in a hot pink box and when you walk through the city with one, all of the locals make fun of you. Not kidding.

Anyway, Holey Moley has a nifty neon green box and I had tremendous flashbacks when carrying it through the city to my home. Maybe one day Holey Moley’s box will be a cultural icon for Milwaukee and I can make fun of tourists too. Can’t wait!


Holey Moley Coffee & Doughnuts in MilwaukeeHoley Moley in MilwaukeeBeatrix in the Third WardHoley Moley Violet Beauregarde Doughnut



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