Lighter & Heavier


I want to feel lighter. And heavier.

Why does my marriage,
my home,
feel different than yours looks?

Is it because you’ve settled into your cozy nook,
your lush Sunday mornings full of books & coffee,
while mine is still fresh & new?

White, bare walls and shiny new toys,
but all I really want is to sink
deeper & deeper
into a big, plush couch
and the arms of a husband I’ve grown into.

My goals have all become things to
educate me,
isolate me,
make me seem better,
but really what I want is more of the everyday.

Photos of our daily life,
a room bursting with art & books,
a cupboard full of teas we actually make.

A life where we think more deeply,
judge less harshly,
love most freely.

Let’s mesh our city living
with a comforting, homey life.

Black & white family photos,
classic cocktails,
dairy deliveries.

This is what the real me wants.

No more styled shoots of plastic perfection,
I want the luxury of a well-lived, well-loved



I wrote this a year ago as a brand spanking new newlywed. It’s been guiding me ever since.


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