Milwaukee Loft Home Tour



I’ve had some long distance friends ask for photos of our loft. Plus I just wanted to make sure I have record of it because this is probably the coolest place we’ll ever live. It’s just a little studio (oddly enough it’s about the same square footage as our last apartment — a 2 bedroom), but it sure does have character.

You know what else has character? That little red puppy you’ll see in many of the photos. She was following me everywhere and finally gave up to take a nap once I started on the living room. (Which was the last destination since Mr. Ulmer was watching the Packers game.)

Anyway, our home is still a work in progress, of course. And honestly, I have no idea how long we’ll be living here. It’ll probably be at least another year after our lease is up then maybe, one day, on to something permanent (or at least with bedrooms again). That is if I can commit to staying in Wisconsin, which I’m just not ready to do quite yet.

You may notice our design aesthetic is very Ikea meets Antique Store which I think works out pretty well in a newly renovated 1800s warehouse. Our building is beautiful, but confusing. You wouldn’t really know people live there until you are inside one of the lofts. Every time we have food delivered the delivery person asks if it’s a hotel. EVERY. TIME. Nevertheless, I find it to be an extraordinarily cozy home and if I could triple the space and add some bedrooms, I would live there forever.

Enjoy this look into my tiny home.


My Favorite Bedroom Pieces & Where to Find Them

Antler Lady Nightstand Print — from a local Milwaukee artist available at Hot Pop
Elephant Side Table — Antique (I’ve seen several similar tables in antique stores)
Ocean Print — from Brainstorm


My Favorite Living Room Pieces & Where to Find Them

Bea’s Food & Water Bowls — Anthropologie (I feel like these need an explanation: Bea hated her metal bowls. I happened to buy these bowls to hold fruit in the fridge. I was sick of Bea barking at her bowls or not eating/drinking because of them so I figured I’d try these out and she loves them. I guess she just wanted something more stylish.)
Coffee Table — Antique (There are so many similar tables in antique stores.)
Metal Chairs — Target
Ombre Throw — West Elm
Bar — Marshall’s
Art, Art & More Art — Local Artists, My husband Bryce, and a teensy bit of Etsy (WI print here, Milwaukee photo here)


My Favorite Kitchen Items & Where to Find Them

Espresso Station — Hello Tray from Target (similar tray here), China from Kate Spade (wedding gift), Espresso Maker & Grinder from Target, Espresso from Stone Creek
Utensil Holder — Crate & Barrel
Copper Utensils — West Elm (similar here)
Recipe Card Holder — Rifle Paper Co. at Broadway Paper
Windows & Tea Tins — Antique
Teal Flower Vase — Target (similar color vase here & similar shape vase here)

My Favorite Bathroom Items & Where to Find Them

Vase with Tall Sticks — Vase from Target, Sticks from Ikea (similar vase here)
Metal Bowls & Trays — Target & Goodwill
Hamper — Crate & Barrel
Rug — RueLaLa


5 thoughts on “Milwaukee Loft Home Tour

  1. Chris Keating

    Dear Ashley,

    When I saw “My Favorite Bathroom Items & Where to Find Them” I was hoping to see the exact location of these items IN YOUR LOFT. Sadly this appears to not be the case.

    Disappointed and still searching,


  2. Britt

    Hi Ashley,

    I was wondering if you could tell me what building this is and what neighborhood of Milwaukee it’s in (and if it’s a safe neighborhood!). I am currently apartment hunting for a place in Milwaukee (relocating from philly) and your apartment looks awesome!


    • Ashley

      Hey Britt,
      I live in the Walker’s Point neighborhood of Milwaukee. It’s a major up and coming neighborhood with many new loft apartment buildings extremely similar to mine. I’d rather not say exactly which one I live in on the internet, if that’s okay, but you can’t go wrong with any of the apartment buildings around here. With it being an up and coming neighborhood, it’s not always THE safest area of the city, but generally speaking it’s pretty safe here and I haven’t run into any issues. As a matter of fact, I haven’t dealt with any crime since I moved here from the east side neighborhood of Milwaukee where my car was broken into, bike stolen, etc.

      Since you’re searching, I highly recommend using Craigslist to find a place. I’ve found some really wonderful places through Milwaukee’s Craigslist including my current apartment. Just search Walker’s Point or Fifth Ward (the other name for my neighborhood) and you should find some great stuff. Another amazing area is the third ward, just north of Walker’s Point. It’s more expensive, but depending on your budget, is an incredible area to live in.

      Best of luck with your move from Philly! I hope you’ll love it here.


      • Britt

        Thanks for getting back to me! Totally understandable you don’t want to give your location over the Internet. Thanks so much for your help on the neighborhoods though! I have only been to Milwaukee once so I know absolutely nothing about it. I also live in an “up-and-coming” neighborhood in Philly so hopefully it will be a nice transition 🙂 thanks again!


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