The Autumn Ten

The Autumn Ten

Early this summer I made myself a little to do list of things I wanted to experience or accomplish. I didn’t quite get to everything, but it reminded me to take time to enjoy the season. For Autumn, I’m sharing my list with you!

1. Go Apple Picking at Harvest Time Orchards (they allow dogs). All of the orchards are already picked clean 😦

2. Throw Beatrix into a pile of leaves to watch her play. She’s more of a leaf chaser, as it turns out.

3. Make Caramel Apples & buy Apple Cider from the farmer’s market. Caramel apples didn’t happen (which is probably good news for my teeth), but the cider was a lovely treat although not from a farmer’s market.

4. Visit Potosi Brewing Company. Oh maybe next year.

5. Have a night of stargazing & a campfire. This would be a lot more feasible if I had a backyard…

6. Stock up on produce at the farmer’s market & freeze for winter.

7. Host a Superbowl Party. (I realize this is more of a Winter thing, but it’s part of my current bucket list. Football just feels like Fall to me.) We had a mini party with our friend Joe and a big pot of Bryce’s drug lord chili. What is drug lord chili, you ask? Secret recipe!

8. Make a Sweet Gin Symphony with Great Lakes Distillery Absinthe. Just nope.

9. Make some Fall Floral Arrangements based on some inspiration here. I had lots of flowers, but none needed much arranging.

10. Donate summer clothes I didn’t wear.


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