Iced Mint Americano

Iced Mint Americano

I am blessed/cursed to live within walking distance of several local coffee roasters including Stone Creek, Anodyne and Colectivo. Which means not only am I a hop, skip, and a jump away from a great Americano at any of the above, but I can buy the most fantastic smelling beans ya ever did sniff to do a little home brewing. (And my mom wonders why I don’t want to leave Milwaukee. hah! Hi mom!)

I try to go easy on my caffeine consumption (usually it’s a weekend treat) and I’m not normally a cream and sugar girl, but via my beloved Pinterest, I found an iced mint coffee recipe which I obviously HAD to try. Personally, it was still a bit too creamy for me. I think next time I’ll stick with just the mint & sugar. Enjoy!


Iced Mint Americano

Cold Water
A Few Fresh Mint Leaves
A Spoonful of Sugar
A Splash of Organic Milk

Brew your espresso and add it to cold water in a glass or mason jar to make an Americano. Refrigerate for as long as you’d like. I did this the day before I made the drink.

In an empty glass, muddle mint leaves with sugar. Add your Americano and milk to your liking. Throw some ice & a fun straw in there.

Ahhh, Sunday mornings.



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