Manie is a new weekly series I’ll be doing to get back to the heart of this blog. It will be a round-up of happy things to share with the hope it will bring you some joy too.

La Reve Dessert du Jour

Dessert du jour from La Rêve with pineapple compote, key lime filling, pineapple glaze & coconut macarons. A delicious final taste of Summer before the crisp breeze of Autumn starts rolling in.


Bits & Baubles Dish from Anthropologie

Bits & Baubles dish from Anthropologie with a little Beatrix shaped pup to hold my rings. I mean, are you kidding me with this cuteness?!


Irish Terrier Puppy in Pajamas

Puppy pajamas! The first & only clothes Beatrix will wear to keep her away from her spaying incision. I have to admit, she is looking dang adorable. In true Irish Terrier fashion, she is shredding the envelope my anniversary card from Bryce came in.


Roses & Anniversary Wine

Our first anniversary celebration at home (so we could care for the little puppy pajamas up there). We popped open the bottle of wine & read the letters we sealed away during our wedding ceremony. This year completely flew by.


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