Back On the Career Track

The World is Your Oyster

Last week I had jury duty for the second time (and I’ve only been of legal jury duty age for 6 years). And I got picked to be on a trial…for the second time. Apparently lawyers love me. For those of you who have experienced the same, you know that arguing with strangers about another stranger’s fate is one of the most mentally draining things you can do. It’s exhausting, terrifying, and a little bit traumatizing. It turns out when I’m a juror, I literally shake with adrenaline the whole time we deliberate. It’s such a joy.

My point is, it’s a bit hard to get life back on track after such a jarring experience. Not only did I miss most of the work week, but I was not in the right head space to do my job when I returned. I’ve been trying to get back in “excited about my job” mode by exploring my favorite blogs for career advice. Here’s what I’ve been enjoying lately:


1. 10 Ways to Dazzle at a Meeting. 

2. Wonder Women Share Their Secrets to Success.

3. 30 Smart Career Moves to Make by Age 30. 

4. Networking for Introverts.

5. Nicely Said Writing Tips.




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