Have You Any Wool?

I don’t know how people live in places without changing seasons. Sure, it would be great to be warm all year round, but what do you have to really look forward to? I love going apple picking, watching the first snow fall, smelling a new Spring rain, and most of all throwing on a summer dress and enjoying a sunny day. Yesterday was incredibly beautiful and I had cabin (office) fever all day. I skipped lunch so I could leave work 20 minutes early and it was worth it just to get home and open the windows to enjoy the breeze.

We went to dinner a few blocks down the street at Black Sheep just so we had an excuse to walk (geez, we need a dog). Somehow we actually made it in time for happy hour which NEVER happens because I always get home too late. We ordered everything carb & cheese filled plus some 1/2 off cocktails.

A random night out is never complete without dessert so we just had to stop by Purple Door Ice Cream (in their new location across the street from Black Sheep) for a scoop.

photo 1

Bryce’s drink of choice: the Baa Baa Black Sheep. Made with Pomegranate & Pear Juice, Housemade Blueberry Preserves, Vodka, Fresh Grapefruit, and Soda. Tasted like straight up Kool-Aid.

photo 2

My beverage for the evening: Prosecco Cocktail. Simply made with Prosecco, St. Germaine, and Mint. Tasted like a straight up hangover.

photo 3

Oh my gosh, this food. So delicious. We shared the Mac n’Cheese (Roasted Garlic/Maytag Blue Cheese/Cavatappi), Bavarian Pretzel (with Whole Grain Mustard & Spicy Cheese Sauce), Pomme Frites (with Mustard Aioli), and Salt-Roasted Beets (Goat Cheese/Pepitas/Baby Arugula).

photo 4

I love the decor here. Any restaurant with pillows is a-okay in my book. Apparently, everything was designed by Bryce’s friends over at Company B. Nice work!

photo 5

photo 7

I have a love affair with cake cones. They may have the texture of styrofoam, but I just love ’em. Oh, the dark chocolate ice cream wasn’t half bad either.



Let’s talk about the brat I’m married to for a second. This guy would not get out of my pictures! When I finally go to take a picture of him, this is what I get. Typical.


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