The Little Details


At some point I got really sick of writing wedding posts. I mean, how long can you talk about your own wedding before you start annoying yourself and everyone around you? Well, apparently a long time because those wedding posts are POPULAR.

Anywho, yesterday was our 8th monthaversary and I have some cool wedding stuff I never shared. There’s more where this came from (like the geodes & candles the decorated our cocktail hour area), but let’s take it one step at time, alright?


bryce and ashley wedding (235)

Locally grown flowers were placed in varying sizes of glass jars along the aisle for our ceremony. They moved over to our long reception tables for dinner.

Bryce and Ashley Wedding (236)

You can’t see the table numbers very well here, but they were printed on copies of old Milwaukee advertisements (fit with the historic style of our venue) and held by curly, black wire holders from BHLDN.

Bryce and Ashley Wedding (240)

Gold paper fortune tellers aka cootie catchers had fun facts about us! Those were a blast to make, but I pretty much never want to fold a fortune teller again. It was a nice little addition to the table and also something to entertain everyone between courses.

Bryce and Ashley Wedding (241) Bryce and Ashley Wedding (246) Bryce and Ashley Wedding (249)

Place cards that doubled as thank you cards. Gold envelopes with the guest’s name held a little thank you card for their support & love. P.S. I hand-wrote EVERYTHING. Invite envelopes, escort cards, place cards, etc. I will blame our wedding for my future carpal tunnel.

Bryce and Ashley Wedding (253)

An old mailbox I picked up at a yard sale and painted gold to hold our cards. We lit it with flameless candles so our money didn’t catch fire.

Bryce and Ashley Wedding (402)

We used long, double wide tables for our reception so we could all be one big, happy family. Our head table was at the end forming a “U” shape with all the tables.

bryce and ashley wedding (403)


Instead of a typical unity ceremony with candles or sand, we went with booze. We got a nice wooden box, wrote each other some love letters, and found a bottle of wine from the year we started dating that will be at a good drinking age on our anniversary. We wrote the letters the night before our wedding and put everything into the box during our ceremony. Bryce made a custom label and glued it on. So adorable.

Ashley and Bryce Wedding-0992

Bryce designed an incredible logo for us that we had turned into a GOBO light. It was the backdrop for our dance floor.

bryce and ashley wedding (450)

DIY trail mix table tripled as a wedding favor (in addition to donations to charity on behalf of our guests), late night snack and an activity to do when people got tired of dancing. Having trail mix was meaningful to us because our budding romance began over a shared bowl of trail mix while we were in high school.

Bryce and Ashley Wedding (231)

The set up for our ceremony complete with ivory pipe & drape to hide the rest of the room where dinner would be.

bryce and ashley wedding (230) Bryce and Ashley Wedding (229)

Ceremony backdrop decor. Antique crates painted gold, tall vases with sticks, candles in vases. Not pictured: Antique glass windows on each side and test tubes of hanging flowers strung on sticks in the vases.

bryce and ashley wedding (227)

Programs with reserved seat cards on top — included the honored guest’s name and wedding related title.

Bryce and Ashley Wedding (225)

The layout for our reception was a bit unconventional so we provided a little seating map near the escort cards.

Bryce and Ashley Wedding (224)

Escort cards were stamped with our logo in black or gold depending on the entree each guest chose. Doubled stamped for our gluten free friends.


Letterpress Invitation, Map and RSVP card designed by Mr. Ulmer. More invitation photos to come…



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