All Purpose


photo 1


Bryce has gotten so good at making new friends. Is that a weird thing to say? Well, it’s true. Lately it seems like he’s a networking superman which I enjoy since it means I get to tag along and meet super cool people.

We had a busy weekend ahead of us so we decided to grab dinner & run errands together after his graphic design event was over. Psh yeah, that so didn’t happen. Instead I met him and some of his new friends at All Purpose in my new neighborhood (New Neighborhood = Walker’s Point, in case ya didn’t know). This restaurant is the bleeping coolest and somehow the stars aligned so that a table of 6 cancelled their reservation right before our little group of 6 walked in. I mean, it was destiny right?!

The food? To die for. The company? A blast.

You should probably check it out. And please, for the love of Buddha, order the bread service. I’ve been daydreaming about the feta butter ever since. Bryce and I both ordered the ricotta gnocchi which was like little pillows from heaven lightly covered a perfectly chunky tomato sauce. Oh and in case you’re a big orange tic tac fan, try the Gabriel cocktail.

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