Things I’m Doing While I’m Not Blogging

1. Keeping up a resolution to leave my computer out of my bedroom. So far, so good and sleeping much better.

2. Working a little harder at my day job as the new primary breadwinner for the Ulmer household while my dashing (and talented) husband looks for some more permanent work.


3. Reading a bunch of enjoyable books that are almost all becoming movies…starring Shailene Woodley. Speaking of which, has anyone seen The Spectacular Now? You should, it’s spectacular.

4. Practicing yoga almost everyday and meditating everyday in 2014. Maya Fiennes is killing me and┬ámy arms are stronger than they’ve ever been in my life.


5. Discovering my new favorite Milwaukee restaurant – Hinterland Erie Street Gastropub. And a new favorite cocktail thanks to a good friend – an old fashioned! It’s so Wisconsin and so delicious.

6. Preparing to move from our east side home of 2 years to a new place in Bay View that has yet to be discovered.

7. Changing my work hours to allow for a more relaxed morning and little more time with Bryce. Work/Life balance, amiright?


8. Lounging around in the most comfortable shirt known to man from Lakefront Brewery. Not to mention, enjoying a whole lot of fantastic beer.

9. Mourning the inevitable cross-country move of my best friend and planning our final girl’s night.


10. Watching a whole lot of PBS now that there’s an Apple TV channel for it.