Despicable Me Minion Christmas Tree

Minion 4

I work with a pretty fabulous group of people. So fabulous, in fact, that our department is known around the company for an annual charity event that we plan and host as a team. This year is our 8th annual Gifts for Kids event where we hold a potluck and silent auction. Each of us in the department makes or buys something to donate to both the auction & the potluck – we then pay $5 each to eat lunch and have a crazy bidding war over our auction items (I’m making gingerbread lemon curd trifle for the potluck – recipe to come). Other people in the company join in the fun, but we’re a pretty tough group to beat out of an auction item! It’s a total blast and we always raise a good chunk of money for the foster kids in our community so we can buy them holiday gifts when they wouldn’t get any.

Around the same time as our Gifts for Kids event we also have a tree decorating competition. We each are given a mini christmas tree to decorate and donate to the Ronald McDonald house so that families staying there can have a little holiday cheer. It honestly makes me tear up thinking about my thoughtful, generous co-workers who do the planning for these events and all the good we are able to do for kids and families in our communities. I LOVE my team!

Back to the point, last year I made a super cool Finding Nemo christmas tree. I spray painted the traditional green tree intwo shades of blue and decked it out with sea animals, glittery seaweed ornaments, Finding Nemo character ornaments, and wavy blue ribbons. Our tree competition has 4 different categories – Most Creative, Most Unique, A Child’s Fantasy, and Best Overall. Last year I won most creative or something, but my tree this year is WAY cooler so hopefully I’ll hold onto my title. 😉

This year, my tree IS A MINION! And I love him and I want to keep him for myself, but I know he will bring some family lots of laughs during a trying time so I’ll give him up.

I grabbed a white tree, spray painted it yellow, bought a couple pairs of baby jeans, some gloves, and a minion goggles template from etsy. I cut the baby jeans along the inner seam so I could pull it over the tree and then hot glued it to close up the seams, kept the pant legs separate, and attached it to the bottom of the tree. I took my second pair of baby jeans and cut two strips to turn the jeans into overalls and cut a circle to make the minion logo. Drew the logo on with a black sharpie and hot glued it all to the pants.

After the pants were secure I stuffed the gloves with tissue paper (should have purchased kid size gloves, but eh) and hot glued each “hand” to a branch of the tree. Meantime, I burned the crap out of my finger and went “OWWWWW” as the glue sat on my finger and I couldn’t get it off.

The mouth & goggles were printed on card stock and hot glued to a couple more branches and I finished off his whole look with black zip ties for his hair tied to the top branch with another zip tie wrapped around to keep them standing up straight.

I also printed and cut out a few more goggles for the kids to wear so they can run around and be little minions themselves!

I must say, I’ve worked in my department for 4 years and this has become one of my favorite holiday traditions. I look forward to it every year!


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