Marriage Musings & Our Wedding Video

When you’re planning a wedding it doesn’t feel real. It feels like you’re playing pretend and then BAM the day is here and over before you can even catch your breath and the real adventure begins — marriage. A few weeks in and the bumps in the road start to appear already. You realize that marriage means your triumphs and your failures are shared. Those awards are doubly celebrated and the stumbles are a little less painful because you have someone to hold on to.

I have a couple of wedding posts left to share, but I’m excited about getting to the real living. Real life is laughing, crying, nerves, fun, love. This video is all of that and shows the start to my new life.


I always wanted a videographer for our wedding, but I didn’t think we would be lucky enough to have one. Numerous people and countless internet lists told me over & over again the best decision you can make for your wedding is to have a videographer. It’s true, so true. Our video is beautiful and better than I could have imagined. Andrew, our videographer, caught our special little moments (like me wiping my lipstick off of Bryce’s face) I wouldn’t have remembered, but show who we are and how we were on that day. I’ve said it countless times already – I’ll never be able to thank Andrew enough for this cherished keepsake. He was with us ALL day long. As a matter of fact, I think he was shooting before I was even awake. He’s a great guy and it’s clear from our video he has real talent. I have no doubt that Earthrise Productions will be enormously successful.


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