Our Wedding: Bryce’s Favorite Moments

I have to say that many of Ashley’s favorite moments from the wedding were some of my favorites as well, but I thought I’d share a couple more moments that made my day special in their own way.

Groomsmen Pocket Squares | Affichomanie Blog

1. Pocket Square School: Just as my groomsmen and I were about to head down to the ceremony, we took a moment to circle around the ironing board to decide how we wanted to wear our pocket squares. We tried three different options and eventually each groomsman picked the fold that best suited his personal style. It was a really fun bonding moment with the guys and one I was thankful to have.

Groom at Altar | Affichomanie Blog

2. As you’ve probably seen from Ashley’s posts, we chose to see one another for photos before our ceremony. It was great to see her and really calmed my nerves before the big event. However, I can say it didn’t change a single emotion when she walked down the aisle. As she turned around the corner, I simply lost it. It is a moment I’ll never forget. She was so beautiful and in that moment I could not see anyone else in the room but her.

Dancing with Grandma | Affichomanie Blog

3. About half way into our dancing, our wonderful DJ, Tim, put on ‘Roll Out the Barrel.’ Because the unofficial Milwaukee drinking anthem really didn’t fit our wedding’s vibe, I was so confused as to why it was being played. I looked around the room bewildered and then I spotted my 91-year old, polka loving grandma dancing by herself. I rushed over and spent the next four minutes bouncing up and down in front of her giant smile.

Groomsmen Dance | Affichomanie Blog

4. Right after the bouquet toss, my four groomsmen sat Ashley down in a chair of honor at the edge of the dance floor and lined up. She had no idea what was going on. As the first few chords of One Direction’s ‘You Don’t Know Your Beautiful’ rang out across the room, the surprise, three and a half minute choreographed dance began. It was amazingly epic, and beyond anything we could have ever hoped to pull off. After hours and hours of practice, the ‘Dance’ as it is now known, was the talk of the evening.

Wedding Dress Buttons | Affichomanie Blog

5. Finally, a favorite memory of mine was when Ashley and I finally headed up to our room at about 2 a.m. We were so wired and couldn’t sleep. We read through our amazing wedding comment cards and shared more than a couple laughs over suggestions for our future childrens’ names. There was oneissue though…getting Ashley out of that dress. After trying to unbutton each of those buttons first with my fingers and then with a corkscrew (one of the the only tools we had available), I ended up having to cut Ashley out with a bar knife. So sorry Alvina Valenta, but thanks for the memory.


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