Our Wedding: Favorite Moments

Bridesmaids Walking Down | Affichomanie Blog

1. The anticipation & emotions building while “Stubborn Love” by The Lumineers played and I watched our best friends walk down the aisle as I waited my turn. I said to my dad, “Why did I pick such good music?! This is what’s going to make me cry!”

Don’t worry, I held it together. Bryce on the other hand…

Reception Decor | Affichomanie Blog

2. Our “David Tutera” moment (as we liked to call it) when Colette showed us the set up reception room all aglow with candles and flowers galore. Two years of planning came to life beautifully in her hands.

First Look - Kiss by Train | Affichomanie Blog

3. Walking up to Bryce for our first look along side a moving train (we had incredible timing). I just couldn’t wait for him to turn around and take in the moment with me.

Father Daughter Dance | Affichomanie Blog

4. Moments with my parents: Hugging my mom after the ceremony and dancing with my dad to “Don’t Panic” by Coldplay. My mom was just so happy & emotional – I loved seeing her give a big hug to her new son-in-law too. Coldplay has always reminded me of my dad after a fun night driving in his old Saab looking up at the stars through the moon roof. I knew we had to dance to one of their songs at my wedding.

Hugging MOB | Affichomanie Blog

5. Exchanging vows with my guy. We wrote our own and every word we spoke was honest and from the heart. Despite the laughter from our guests during some of my funnier vows, I didn’t even notice anyone was there but him. I was happy to hear from people afterward that our vows were their favorite part of the wedding or that we reminded them why they married their spouse. We had a room bursting with love that night.

Vow Book | Affichomanie Blog

Photography: Daniel LaBelle (Reception Photo: Alyssa Nepper)
Day of Coordination: Colette Cascio Ceremony & Reception Venue: The Iron Horse Hotel


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