Presents for my People

We had the best wedding party in the world and that’s because we have the best friends in the world. One of the biggest comments I’ve heard since our wedding (other than guests enjoying our vows) was that we are lucky to have a great group of people in our lives. Boy do I know it and I cry every time I think about how grateful I am to our friends and our family. I feel like I will never be able to truly tell them how amazing and important they are to me, but it was definitely something I kept in mind when it came to figuring out what thank you gifts I wanted to give them during our rehearsal dinner.

We gave each set of parents a large picture frame, a crystal vase/bowl, and a gift card to a restaurant they each enjoy in Milwaukee (a night out, but also an excuse to visit us).

For the gents, a tie and pocket square to wear on the wedding day along with a moleskine notebook (with a note in the back from Bryce) and a bottle of their favorite alcohol.

For the ladies, a necklace, earrings, perfume, lipgloss, and chocolates along with a note from me. If you’re a birchbox subscriber, I found this to be a great use for all those empty birchboxes.

We also had a couple of special people to thank. Bryce’s sister, Kaitlyn, did a reading at our wedding and our friend, Nikki, provided my borrowed & blue with a special ring and charm that I tied to my bouquet. They each received a chocolate treat and a piece of jewelry – a vintage pair of earrings for Nikki and a vintage brooch for Kaitlyn.


IMG_3164 IMG_3165


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