A Milwaukee Girl’s Bachelorette Party

Margo, my wonderful best friend & maid of honor, planned the most perfect bachelorette party for me. High five, girlfriend! She designed epic and hilarious club flyer style invitations and came up with an adorable gift for me of a picture frame with lipstick kisses from every girl that was there. Our schedule for the night went something like this:

6:00 PM Drinks at Millioke (after check in at the new Marriott hotel) & Lingerie Party (shhh!)
7:00 PM Dinner at Rustico
9:00 PM Bye, Bye Liver! show at ComedySportz
11:00 PM Dancing at La Cage (Originally Lucille’s Piano Bar came before this, but the comedy show went late)
2:00 AM Mexican food at a hole-in-the-wall I will never be able to find again
9:00 AM Brunch at The Wicked Hop

It was a glorious evening with the best girls in my life. Thank you for everything, my lovely friends. Especially you, Margo!

IMG_3054 IMG_3055



I believe this was called the Wisconsin Bees Knees. It was a delicious glass of honey, lemon, and gin.


Mystery shots at ComedySportz!


Nikki was dubbed “Party Face Girl” by the host and had to go on stage to play a game. Thanks for taking one for the team, Nikki!






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