Well, hey there. Yeah, it’s me, the terrible blogger. I know…you probably forgot about me and my little blog, but I am still here!

Lately I’ve been finding things to do that have just seemed more appealing than sitting down to write a post. Like completely rearranging my living room, reading the newest Dan Brown book, and painting my toes purple. It’s summer! You can’t expect me to paint my nails AND blog. I mean, I’m not Emily Schuman.

Here’s a little glimpse of what my summer has been like so far.


My summer obsession has become checking the mail. RSVPs to our wedding are arriving daily. This one is my favorite so far – “sadly accepts” just cracks me up.


Foggy fireworks at Summerfest before Alex Clare.

IMG_2849 IMG_2852

Fresh Fruit Salad and Homemade Black Bean Burgers for the 4th of July. (Recipe to come!)


Falafel at my favorite hole-in-the-wall.


A desk & bar cart that are serving as our tv stand/media area/floor pillow storage.


Drinks at my favorite place in the world with Daniel LaBelle, our fantastic wedding photographer.


More drinks at Cempazuchi. (Stop judging our alcoholism! It’s summer!)


Purple Toes.


Vintage hat for my Tea Party Bridal Shower.


Silly summer reading that I’m about to get started on.


The first of our wedding gifts – Kate Spade China. The boxes are so beautiful they’ve become my office decor.


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