A Special Monday

I have a form fitting wedding dress that has given me anxiety since I bought it (used and online…) over a year ago. For whatever reason I’ve been procrastinating like crazy on calling a seamstress. It just made me nervous. I was afraid they’d tell me I was crazy for buying it online and they wouldn’t be able to fix it for me. My insecurity told me that I had gotten too big for the dress over the past year and they wouldn’t be able to take it out enough.

Well I’m a crazy girl and I was wrong. My dress fits and after some alterations it’s going to be beautiful and perfect and la ti da. What I really want to talk about is Margo because today is her birthday and I wouldn’t have made it through my dress fitting without her. She just gets me, she knows when I’m nervous and what to say to calm me down. She thinks of questions I’m too stressed out to remember and she’s probably sick of me thanking her for being such an amazing friend.


We had a little early birthday celebration for her after my dress fitting at a great restaurant we stumbled upon in West Bend and then we ended the day with some shopping (of which I did a bit too much).

You’re the best, Margo. I know you hate your birthday, but I hope this year is your best yet. Happy Birthday!



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