Palomino Milwaukee

So you have probably noticed that I really like food. I like making it, I like eating it, I like taking pictures of it. But I like eating it a lot more than I like taking pictures of it. Which explains why these pictures kinda suck. Pretty much the more excited I am about food, the less likely it is that the blog pictures are any good.

That was most definitely the case at Palomino. This Bay View restaurant recently underwent a major overhaul. Some new owners took over, did some construction and totally revamped the menu. I looooooooove southern food and I was really excited about their vegetarian options when Bryce and I tried it out before the revamp about a year ago. What a disappointment. My food was somehow greasy and dry at the same time. I wanted to give it another chance, but Maxie’s Southern Comfort was there for me in my times of southern craving so I didn’t go back. Their second chance came when I heard about all of the new changes and they opened up just in time for the season premiere of True Blood. I had myself a real nice southern themed weekend.

I ordered the pimento mac & cheese and the wood grilled vegetables (and sweet tea, of course). Bryce had the vegan “pulled pork” with carolina mustard bbq sauce and collard greens. Oh my YUM! The mac & cheese was made with a perfect creamy sauce and the vegetables had a beautiful, delicious char. Bryce’s dinner was fantastic too. We ended the meal with fresh strawberry pie to die for.

I’m thrilled that Palomino is back and infinitely better than before. I’m thinking it will be my new summer hang out.

Palomino MilwaukeePalomino MilwaukeePalomino Milwaukee


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