25th Anniversary Party

Anniversary Cake

This post is a couple weeks late, but recently my parents celebrated their 26th anniversary.

Last year on their milestone 25th my brother and I threw them a surprise party. I know, I’m such a good daughter.

It was a small affair with just a couple of their close friends, but there was definitely enough dessert and champagne for many more. I never fail to make too much food for a party. This time around I made mini apple fritters, lemon bars, mint chocolate “dirt” pudding, mini banana cream pies, and a little wedding cake. We had champagne and mint lemonade to drink along with the treats.

Bryce designed the invites, my brother kept them out of the house and I ran the show. It was exhausting, but the looks on their faces were beyond worth it.

My parents didn’t have a traditional wedding. They drank champagne out of those old leggs panty hose cups and they definitely didn’t have a cake. For their anniversary my brother dug up the few pictures they have from their wedding day and my fiance scanned and retouched the photos so we could print out a large copy for them to actually hang in the house. The wedding cake was also a special part of the evening – they finally got to slice into cake together and they are the reason I’m actually having a cake at my wedding. I didn’t want one originally, but that moment convinced me to keep the tradition. I made a white cake with strawberries and custard topped off with honey buttercream frosting.

The desserts were fantastic if I do say so myself and finding the willpower to keep from scarfing the leftovers in one sitting was nearly impossible.

There are more pictures and a video somewhere of my parents cutting their cake. I’ll have to dig everything up so my mom can have the pictures. I made a little toast and cried, but lucky for me there’s no video of that.

Cheers to my mom and dad! Your years together are an inspiration.


25th Anniversary Party Invitation

25th Anniversary Party Invitation

25th Anniversary Party -- Lemon Bars

25th Anniversary Party -- Mini Apple Fritters

25th Anniversary Party Decor

25th Anniversary Party -- Pudding Dirt Cups

25th Anniversary Party -- Mint Lemonade


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