Wedding Menu Tasting

Our menu tasting was probably the best part of wedding planning so far. I guess there are perks to having one of those big, fancy weddings after all! Bryce and I took our moms to the tasting and we celebrated mother’s day for the rest of the afternoon. Iron Horse has one of the best restaurants in the city so we are very lucky to have them catering our wedding. Food is a big deal to us and we’re totally pumped!
I didn’t take the greatest photos of our food. Mostly because I was very anxious to start eating it! I forgot to take a picture of one of the salads and one of the entrees, but they were just as beautiful and delicious as the rest of it.
We started off with hors d’oeuvres. Out of the five we tried, three were chosen for the wedding. Bruschetta with heirloom tomatoes (pictured above), chickpea veggie cakes with red pepper sauce, and goat cheese crostini with asparagus, red pepper & micro greens. Some of it may sound a little weird, particularly the veggie cake, but that is one of the reasons we brought our moms to the tasting. We know we have cuh-razy vegetarian taste buds (mostly sarcasm), but I have to tell you the veggie cakes were our moms’ favorite.
Here are the delicious losers: Portabella Sliders & English Egg Salad
Mmmmm, salad. The one we chose isn’t pictured, but below is the wedge salad with green goddess dressing. Holy Goddess, it was incredible! Like I said, we aren’t going with this one, but it was actually my personal favorite. UPDATE: We actually did pick this salad. I changed my mind about going with the boring mixed greens choice because this wedge salad was killer.
And the main event! We tried the Gnocchi, the Market Pasta, and one other delight. Hey, I’m not going to share our whole menu! That was the best gnocchi I’ve ever had in my life. It was lighter than a cloud. The market pasta was fantastic as well, but it didn’t make the cut. We all enjoyed it, but decided that the two winners were just at another level.
Trying out the food I’ll eat on my wedding day was pretty amazing. I can’t wait to eat gnocchi with my husband.

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