Patience, My Friends

Oh boy. Please be patient with me over the next 5 weeks. This whole working out of town in a new job thing is going to take some time to adjust to.

Don’t worry, I’ll get back on track with the blog. My Neenah posts will include such things as:

1. My bad ass new shoes that all my new co-workers love.

2. The place I’ll be eating pretty much every night for the next 5 weeks — Aspen Coffee.

3. Tales from the only female staying at this hotel on business (including but not limited to the story of the horrifyingly sweaty old man hogging the elliptical machine).

It will be epic. I mean…it will be as epic as it can be…which isn’t very epic. Uh, I don’t even know anymore. I’m going to go drink the beer I brought with me. Yeah.

You know you’re from Milwaukee when you bring your own beer with you out of town.


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