It’s The Final Countdown!

Today is my last day in my current job! I’m so pumped. I danced all morning and I’m pretty sure Bryce thinks I’m crazy now. Alright fine, he already knows I’m crazy.

I have 6 hours left as an administrative assistant. Maybe you have (or one day will have) an admin of your own. If you do, these might be some things for you to think about. You can thank me later, admins of the world (or of the three people that read my blog…)!

As an administrative assistant I’ve learned a lot of lessons about working hard, being flexible, and understanding the needs of the team. Those lessons will stay with me throughout my career as well as other lessons like cleaning up after myself (the admin shouldn’t have to be the maid), independence especially when it comes to things like un-jamming a printer (as the admin I had no one else to pass my problems off to), and respect for people on varying levels of the corporate food chain (I’m not going to make someone mail my friend’s lotion for me…so weird).

Things I’ll Miss About My Job:

Talking to my cubicle mate throughout the day.
Reporting to my awesome manager.
My big, glass window walls.

(I’m staying in my department, just getting a new position so I don’t have to miss my co-workers or potluck days or anything like that.)

Things I Won’t Miss:

Fixing the printer every stinking day.
Running errands for other people around campus.
Working in a cubicle.
Sharing my cubicle with a microwave and a fridge (and another person).
Turning off my space heater every time someone uses the microwave so that the power doesn’t go out.

Now on to bigger and better things! Have a great weekend!


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