Leaning In

Right now I’m gearing up for 5 weeks of working out of town. I get to come home briefly on the weekends, but this means my blog post schedule needs some adjusting.

For now I’m thinking posts will go up at night instead of in the morning and you will be seeing some of my adventures from Neenah instead of Milwaukee. I’ll get to share what it’s like to wedding plan from afar, how to eat out of a microwave for five weeks (I don’t even have a microwave at home!), and I might even talk about starting my “big girl” job. I’m leaning in, Sheryl Sandberg!

Career Links I’m Loving:

1. Details that matter when writing a cover letter.
2. Some workplace style bloggers I will be relying on so that I can look like a fashionable 9to5er.
3. A DIY gold polka dot mouse pad for a cute work space.
4. The best pancake recipe ever for a treat after a long week of work.
5. How to style a desk.
6. Since I’m leaving my job as an assistant this article made me happy and it’s so true.
7. Three ways to impress when you’re the youngest one in the office? Yep, that would be me.
8. Career books for young women.


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